Survey Results

The current results of our How did you first hear about PostgreSQL? survey are:

Answer Responses Percentage
At my university. 31 16.230366492146597%
It came with my Linux/BSD distribution 26 13.612565445026178%
It came with an application I use at work. 12 6.282722513089006%
It came with an application I use at home. 1 0.5235602094240838%
I found it through a search engine. 35 18.32460732984293%
At a conference, user group, or workshop. 6 3.141361256544503%
From a friend or collegue. 48 25.130890052356023%
Other 32 16.75392670157068%
Total 191

This survey was posted 2009-08-06.

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