The PostgreSQL community is welcome to gather on the Libera Chat IRC network to discuss PostgreSQL, generally chat among PostgreSQL community members, and to ask questions about PostgreSQL and assist others using PostgreSQL. The channel has many active users and it is an entry into participating in the wider PostgreSQL community. Don't forget to consult the documentation before asking questions which may be answered there.

Note that, as with other community areas, all users should review and are required to follow the PostgreSQL community Code of Conduct.

Any issues, concerns, or violations of the CoC may be reported directly to the PostgreSQL IRC Admin team by contacting them directly on Libera Chat, or by emailing the team at CoC violations can be alternatively submitted to the Code of Conduct Committee at

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PostgreSQL IRC Admin Team:

  • RhodiumToad [Andrew Gierth]
  • xocolatl [Vik Fearing] - Admin for #postgresql-fr
  • magnush [Magnus Hagander] - Admin for #postgresql-eu
  • johto [Marko Tiikkaja]
  • ilmari [Dagfinn Ilmari MannsÃ¥ker]
  • davidfetter [David Fetter]
  • Myon [Christoph Berg] - Admin for #postgresql-apt, #postgresql-de
  • Zr40 [Matthijs van der Vleuten]

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