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Note: The PostgreSQL Global Development Group does not endorse any events run by third parties. No guarantee of the quality of events is offered whatsoever.

PostgreSQL Community Event indicates that an event is recognised under the community event guidelines and is directly helping the PostgreSQL community.

PostgreSQL Community Event PostgreSQL Development Conference 2024 (pgconf.dev)
Date: 2024-05-28 – 2024-05-31
Location: Vancouver, Canada, BC, Canada
Language: English
PGConf.dev, aka PostgreSQL Development Conference 2024, is an event focused on PostgreSQL development and contributions.

Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2024
Date: 2024-06-04 – 2024-06-05
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Language: English
Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2024 focuses on topics for PostgreSQL users and developers. We are accepting proposals for talks and trainings in Czech, Slovak and English for June 5. We're also looking for trainings (either half-day or whole-day) for the first day (June 4). We also expect to include a session of five minute lightning talks. For more information about the event, please see the website at https://www.p2d2.cz/

PostgreSQL Community Event PG Day France 2024
Date: 2024-06-11 – 2024-06-12
Location: Lille, France
Language: French
PG Day France is a one day conference for the French speaking community.

POSETTE: An Event for Postgres
Date: 2024-06-11 – 2024-06-13
Location: online
Language: English
POSETTE: An Event for Postgres (pronounced /Pō-zet/, and formerly called Citus Con) is a free and virtual developer event organized by the Postgres team at Microsoft. The name POSETTE stands for Postgres Open Source Ecosystem Talks Training & Education. Happening on Jun 11-13, 2024, join us for 4 unique livestreams to hear from open source users, Azure database customers, and experts in PostgreSQL and Citus. Come learn what you can do with the world’s most advanced open source relational database—from the nerdy to the sublime.

PostgreSQL Community Event Swiss PGDay 2024
Date: 2024-06-27 – 2024-06-28
Location: Rapperswil, SG, Switzerland
Language: English
The Swiss PostgreSQL Conference. Take the opportunity to meet other people interested in PostgreSQL in Switzerland. A two day conference with presentations mainly in English, but also in German and a social event on Thursday evening.

PostgreSQL Community Event PGDay UK 2024
Date: 2024-09-11
Location: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
PGDay UK 2024 is the second annual PGDay in the UK, following on from PGDay UK 2023 and complementing the existing pgDay Paris, Nordic PGDay, and other similar events organised by PostgreSQL Europe.

PostgreSQL Community Event PGConf NYC 2024
Date: 2024-09-30 – 2024-10-02
Location: New York, NY, United States
Language: English
PGConf NYC 2024 is a 3-day conference in New York City that's packed with user stories and best practices for how to use PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database! Join us in New York City and connect with other developers, DBAs, administrators, decisions makers, and contributors to the open source PostgreSQL community!

PostgreSQL Community Event PGDay Israel 2024
Date: 2024-10-20
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Language: English
For the seventh time in Israel PostgreSQL enthusiast from all over the world join together to share their knowledge and experience with existing and/or potential developers and users of PostgreSQL PGDay Israel 2024 is a non-profit event hosted and run by the PostgreSQL Israel Community and will take place on October 20, 2024 in Tel Aviv. This event is part of the effort to grow the PostgreSQL community by increasing awareness and providing the appropriate resources to further PostgreSQL adoption

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