1st March 2018: PostgreSQL 10.3 Released!


General PostgreSQL efforts

PostgreSQL is an affiliated project of Software in the Public Interest. Funds donated to PostgreSQL are used to sponsor general PostgreSQL efforts. These funds are managed by the Fund raising group. Donate to PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Europe (PgEU)

PostgreSQL Europe is a European region non profit focusing on the support of other PostgreSQL groups in Europe. You may also use this link to donate to specific European groups such as those in Germany or the United Kingdom. Donate to PostgreSQL Europe.

PostgreSQL United States (PgUS)

PostgreSQL United States is a non profit for PostgreSQL in the United States. It focuses on Education, User Groups, and Advocacy. Donate to PostgreSQL United States.

Tax deductibility

Please be aware that PostgreSQL contributions may or may not be tax exempt. For more information please refer to the party you are donating to and your tax professional.

PostgreSQL Nonprofit Organisation (NPO) Recognition

For information about how Recognised PostgreSQL Nonprofit Organisations (NPOs) become recognised, please review the guidelines here.


If you have any questions about donations please contact either the PostgreSQL Funds Group or the respective organisation you are donating to.