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The PostgreSQL community takes pride in releasing software that will reliably store your data. If you believe you have discovered a bug, please follow the button below and follow the instructions on how to submit a bug report.

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If you believe you have found a security issue, please read the section below.

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If you have general questions about PostgreSQL or are looking for help with using PostgreSQL, please visit the support section of the website to find out how to get in touch.

Code of Conduct Committee

If you are the recipient of behavior that violates the PostgreSQL Code of Conduct, please report it promptly to the Code of Conduct Committee at In the unfortunate event that you wish to make a complaint against some member of the Committee, you may instead contact any of the other Committee member(s) individually.

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For information about fundraising and donations, including financial sponsorship for PostgreSQL-related activities, please visit the donation page or contact the funds group directly at

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If you are looking for support for a PostgreSQL User Group, looking to start a user group, or need resources for a user group, please contact For a list of active PostgreSQL User Groups, please visit the local user groups page.

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For press enquiries, please refer to the Press section.


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