11th October 2018: PostgreSQL 11 RC 1 Released!

Contributor Profiles

These are the fine people that make PostgreSQL what it is today!

Core Team

For more information on the purpose of the core team, please click here.

Contributor Contribution
Peter Eisentraut (peter.eisentraut at 2ndquadrant.com)
Dresden, Germany
Works on the build system, porting, documentation, and the internationalization effort, and codes many other improvements.
Magnus Hagander (magnus at hagander.net)
Redpill Linpro
Stockholm, Sweden
Has done major work on the Win32 port, authentication system and more, and helps maintain the PostgreSQL websites and project infrastructure.
Tom Lane (tgl at sss.pgh.pa.us)
Crunchy Data
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Involved in all aspects of PostgreSQL, including bug evaluation and fixes, performance improvements, and major new features, such as schemas. He is also responsible for the optimizer.
Bruce Momjian (bruce at momjian.us)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Maintains the TODO list, codes, applies patches, and speaks at conferences.
Dave Page (dpage at pgadmin.org)
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Created and maintains pgAdmin, helps manage the postgresql.org websites and project infrastructure, and maintains the PostgreSQL installers.

Major Contributors

Contributor Contribution
Oleg Bartunov (obartunov at gmail.com)
Postgres Professional, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia
Introduced the locale support, has contributed GiST, GIN and SP-GiST extendability infrastructures, full text search, KNN, NoSQL features (hstore and jsonb) and several extensions including fuzzy search (pg_trgm), support for tree-like structures and arrays. Currenty he is working on implementation of SQL/JSON standard from SQL-2016 and jsonb compression.
Joe Conway (mail at joeconway.com)
Crunchy Data
San Diego, California, USA
Set-returning functions, PL/R, dblink, tablefunc (crosstab), improved bytea and array data types, polymorphic arguments, multi-row VALUES, generate_series, pg_settings/related functions, has_*_privilege functions, shared_preload_libraries, and other features. PGDG sysadmin team, board member PG.US
Dave Cramer (davec at postgresintl.com)
Crunchy Data
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Maintainer of the JDBC driver and contributes to PL/R.
Andrew Dunstan (andrew at dunslane.net)
Apex (near Raleigh), North Carolina, USA
Has contributed in a number of areas, including configuration and logging enhancements, dollar quoting, CSV import/export, upgraded plperlng, the Win32 port, rewriting the initdb and pg_ctl scripts in C, a double metaphone function in contrib, and maintains the buildfarm project.
David Fetter (david at fetter.org)
Oakland, California, United States
Works on pgFoundry, DBI-link, and the PostgreSQL Weekly News
Francisco Figueiredo (fxjrlists at yahoo.com.br)
Project founder and lead developer of Npgsql, PostgreSQL's .NET data provider.
Andres Freund (andres at anarazel.de)
San Francisco, USA
Replication, performance, scalability, bug fixing and patch review.
Stephen Frost (sfrost at snowman.net)
Crunchy Data
Chantilly, VA, USA
Security improvements, GRANT improvements, patch review, project infrastructure.
Etsuro Fujita (fujita.etsuro at lab.ntt.co.jp)
Numerous improvements to postgres_fdw
Peter Geoghegan (pg at bowt.ie)
Crunchy Data
San Francisco, California, USA
UPSERT, sorting improvements, pg_stat_statements, group commit
Andrew Gierth (andrew at tao11.riddles.org.uk)
Hstore enhancements, ordered aggregates and ordered set functions, grouping sets, ip4r, and provides help and support in the IRC channel
Kevin Grittner (kgrittn at gmail.com)
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
SSI, commitfest manager, patch review, materialized views
Devrim Gündüz (devrim at gunduz.org)
London, United Kingdom
Coordinates RPM maintenance at https://yum.postgresql.org for Red Hat/CentOS/Fedora, at https://zypp.postgresql.org for SLES, helps website maintenance, builds PostgreSQL related packages for Fedora and EPEL, and maintains Fedora and CentOS based Live CD's.
Robert Haas (robertmhaas at gmail.com)
Principal author of parallel query. Scalability work, works all over the code with major patches, patch review. Created the original version of commitfest.postgresql.org.
Álvaro Herrera (alvherre at 2ndQuadrant.com)
Valdivia, Chile
Fixed CLUSTER, worked on savepoints, added shared row locking, added shared dependency tracking, integrated autovacuum into the backend, added background workers, and helps running the project online infrastructure
Tatsuo Ishii (t-ishii at sraoss.co.jp)
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
Handles multi-byte foreign language support and porting issues.
Petr Jelinek (petr at 2ndquadrant.com)
Czech Republic
Logical Replication, DO statement, GRANT ON ALL, ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES, TABLESAMPLE, etc. Works on BDR, pglogical and PgBouncer.
Stefan Kaltenbrunner (stefan at kaltenbrunner.cc)
conova communications GmbH
Helps manage the project online infrastructure and maintain the websites.
Amit Kapila (amit.kapila16 at gmail.com)
Bangalore, India
Parallel Query, durable Hash Indexes, Performance Testing
Alexander Korotkov (a.korotkov at postgrespro.ru)
Postgres Professional
Moscow, Russia
Pluggable index access methods, advances to GiST and GIN indexes, better algorithms for spatial and fuzzy string search, multicore system optimizations and more
Amit Langote (amitlangote09 at gmail.com)
Declarative table partitioning, pg_stat_progress_vacuum, improvements in partition elimination
Guillaume Lelarge (guillaume at lelarge.info)
PostgreSQL Europe treasurer, PGConf.EU and FOSDEM staff, French translations (docs and apps), Patches on PostgreSQL and various tools
Heikki Linnakangas (heikki.linnakangas at iki.fi)
Helsinki, Finland
2 phase commit support, reworked FSM and VM, replication/transactions, indexing and much more
Fujii Masao (masao.fujii at gmail.com)
NTT Open Source
Streaming replication, synchronous replication
Michael Meskes (meskes at postgresql.org)
Düsseldorf, Germany
Maintains ecpg.
Noah Misch (noah at leadboat.com)
Security work, patch review.
Thomas Munro (thomas.munro at enterprisedb.com)
Wellington, New Zealand
Added SKIP LOCKED, remote_apply, replay_lag, Parallel Hash Join, DSA (co-author), trigger transition tables (co-author), various LDAP improvements. Code review, bug fixes.
Michael Paquier (michael at paquier.xyz)
Code review, bug fix, TAP testing, commit fest management.
Paul Ramsey (pramsey at cleverelephant.ca)
Extension support in postgres_fdw. PostGIS geospatial extension.
Simon Riggs (simon at 2ndquadrant.com)
Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Point in Time Recovery, Table Partitioning, Hot Standby, Sync Replication, focuses on enterprise issues, performance and scalability, business intelligence and replication/high availability.
Greg Sabino Mullane (greg at turnstep.com)
End Point Corporation
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Maintains DBD::Pg, Bucardo, check_postgres.pl, tail_n_mail, and works on advocacy issues.
Teodor Sigaev (teodor at sigaev.ru)
Postgres Professional
Moscow, Russia
Works on GIST, GIN and other indexes, full-text search, NoSQL features such as SQL/JSON and other extensions.
Pavel Stehule (pavel.stehule at gmail.com)
Prague, Czech Republic
Has contributed numerous enhancements to PL/pgSQL
Tomas Vondra (tv at fuzzy.cz)
CREATE STATISTICS, improvements to pageinspect, ANALYZE, distinct value estimates, hash join optimizations, special-purpose memory allocators


Laurenz Albe (laurenz.albe at cybertec.at) Aleksander Alekseev (afiskon at gmail.com)
Gevik Babakhani (pgdev at xs4all.nl) Ashutosh Bapat (ashutosh.bapat.oss at gmail.com)
Christoph Berg (cb at df7cb.de) Christopher Browne (cbbrowne at ca.afilias.info)
D'Arcy Cain (darcy at druid.net) Marc Cave-Ayland (mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk)
Damien Clochard (damien at dalibo.info) Fabien Coelho (coelho at cri.ensmp.fr)
Mithun Cy (mithun.cy at enterprisedb.com) Jeff Davis (pgsql at j-davis.com)
Pavan Deolasee (pavan.deolasee at 2ndquadrant.com) Korry Douglas (korryd at enterprisedb.com)
Joshua Drake (jd at commandprompt.com) Dimitri Fontaine (dim at tapoueh.org)
Nikita Glukhov (n.gluhov at postgrespro.ru) Daniel Gustafsson (daniel at yesql.se)
Bernd Helmle (mailings at oopsware.de) Kyotaro Horiguchi (horiguchi.kyotaro at lab.ntt.co.jp)
Corey Huinker (corey.huinker at gmail.com) Hiroshi Inoue
Jeff Janes (jeff.janes at gmail.com) David Johnston (david.g.johnston at gmail.com)
Brendan Jurd (direvus at gmail.com) Andreas Karlsson (andreas at proxel.se)
Jonathan Katz (jonathan.katz at crunchydata.com) Mark Kirkwood
Alexey Klyukin (alexk at hintbits.com) KaiGai Kohei (kaigai at heterodb.com)
Haribabu Kommi (haribabuk at fast.au.fujitsu.com) Marko Kreen (markokr at gmail.com)
Hannu Krosing (hannu at 2ndQuadrant.com) Dilip Kumar (dilipbalaut at gmail.com)
Jeevan Ladhe (jeevan.ladhe at enterprisedb.com) Rushabh Lathia (rushabh.lathia at gmail.com)
Francalanci Leonardo (m_lists at yahoo.it) Abhijit Menon-Sen (ams at 2ndQuadrant.com)
Jim Nasby (Jim.Nasby at BlueTreble.com) Regina Obe (rl at pcorp.us)
Euler Taveira de Oliveira (euler at timbira.com.br) Mike Palmiotto (mike.palmiotto at crunchydata.com)
Dean Rasheed (dean.a.rasheed at gmail.com) Marti Raudsepp (marti at juffo.org)
Craig Ringer (craig at 2ndQuadrant.com) David Rowley (david.rowley at 2ndquadrant.com)
Hiroshi Saito (hiroshi at winpg.jp) Sandro Santilli (strk at kbt.io)
Masahiko Sawada (sawada.mshk at gmail.com) Jignesh Shah
Ashutosh Sharma (ashu.coek88 at gmail.com) Vladimir Sitnikov (sitnikov.vladimir at gmail.com)
Greg Stark (stark at mit.edu) David Steele (david at pgmasters.net)
Amul Sul (sulamul at gmail.com) Koichi Suzuki (koichi.szk at gmail.com)
Marko Tiikkaja Robert Treat (rob at xzilla.net)
Takayuki Tsunakawa (tsunakawa.takay at jp.fujitsu.com) Yamada Tsutomu (ns1090156 at gmail.com)
Jan Urbański (wulczer at wulczer.org) Martijn van Oosterhout (kleptog at svana.org)
David Wheeler (david at kineticode.com) Mark Wong (mark at 2ndQuadrant.com)

Hackers Emeritus

The following hackers were previously part of the core team. Although they no longer work on the project, they are included here in recognition of their valuable contributions over the years.

Contributor Contribution
Josh Berkus (josh at agliodbs.com)
Red Hat Inc.
Portland, OR, USA
Provides general direction for PostgreSQL advocacy, works on performance testing, tuning and documentation, and works with user groups.
Marc G. Fournier (scrappy at hub.org)
Hub.Org Networking Services
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Coordinated the entire effort, helped administer the postgresql.org websites, mailing lists, ftp site, and source code repository.
Thomas G. Lockhart (lockhart at alumni.caltech.edu)
Jet Propulsion Labratory
Pasadena, California, USA
Worked on documentation, data types (particularly date/time and geometric), and SQL standards compliance.
Vadim B. Mikheev (vadim4o at yahoo.com)
San Francisco, California, USA
Undertook large projects, like vacuum, subselects, triggers, Write Ahead Log (WAL) and multi-version concurrency control (MVCC).
Jan Wieck (jan at wi3ck.info)
Amazon Web Services
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA
Designed and implemented Slony, overhauled the query rewrite rule system, wrote the procedural languages PL/pgSQL and PL/Tcl, added foreign keys, bgwriter, the statistics collector, the TOAST system and other features.

Past Contributors

Julian Assange David Bennett
Dennis Björklund Alexey Borzov
Zoltán Böszörményi Emily Boyd
Tim Bunce Emmanuel Checchet
Andrew Chernow Sean Chittenden
Justin Clift Neil Conway
Massimo Dal Zotto Selena Deckelmann
Dr_George_D Detlefsen Chris Dunlop
J. Douglas Dunlop Oliver Elphick
Michael Fuhr Brian E. Gallew
Michael Glaesemann Cees de Groot
Thomas Hallgren John Hansen
Hitoshi Harada Jonah Harris
Alex Hunsaker Kris Jurka
Christopher Kings-Lynne Manfred Koizar
Sergey E. Koposov Zdenek Kotala
Anoop Kumar Randy Kunkee
Kurt J. Lidl Barry Lind
Robert Lor Dan McGuirk
Roberto Mello Ernst Molitor
Fernando Nasser Claudio Natoli
Matthew T. O'Connor Lamar Owen
Andreas Pflug Ross J. Reedstrom
Thomas van Reimersdahl Larry Rosenman
Sergej Sergeev Gavin Sherry
Michael Siebenborn Guillaume Smet
Greg Smith Erich Stamberger
Adam Sussman Sven Suursoho
Stephan Szabo ITAGAKI Takahiro
Rod Taylor Reini Urban
Paul "Shag" Walmsley Philip Warner
Rick Weldon Joachim Wieland
Jason Wright Karel Zak
Andreas Zeugswetter Qingqing Zhou

All contributors are listed in alphabetical order. Please report omissions or corrections to the webmaster.