Code of Conduct Committee

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Current Members

Umair Shahid (Chair) Umair Shahid (Chair) is the Head of PostgreSQL at Percona and is based in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is a veteran of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, contributing to the community as well as driving commercial success. He is the principal organizer for Islamabad and Dubai PostgreSQL Users' Groups.
Ilaria Battiston Ilaria Battiston is a Data Engineering student at Technical University of Munich with a huge passion for Databases and Open Source, planning to dedicate her upcoming years in Database research and development. She is an administrative committee of the Italian Postgres User Group, part of the organizing team of PGConfEU and Google Summer of Code participant.
Michael Goldberg Michael Goldberg is a co-organizer of pgDay Israel conferences since 2017, co-founder of PostgreSQL Israeli Community, PostgreSQL translator, part of the translation team for the press releases, and maintainer of the PostgreSQL Israel and pgDay Israel websites. Michael is the Director of Infrastructure at Shelfy.
Jeanette Bromage Jeanette Bromage is a Principal DBA at Kira Systems. Prior to this, she took a three year break from managing databases to concentrate on AWS/Linux system administration. Jeanette has worked with various database technologies across different platforms for over twenty years, including a three year stint as a C programmer.
Stefan Fercot Stefan Fercot is a Database Backup Architect at EDB. Former PostgreSQL DBA and Linux system administrator, he lives in Mons, Belgium. He is part of the contributing team behind pgBackRest and also helps organizing community events with the FR and EU PostgreSQL Users' Groups.
Anastasia Lubennikova Anastasia Lubennikova is a Senior Developer at Zenith and a PostgreSQL Global Development Group Contributor. She contributes to the PostgreSQL community as a core developer and speaker. As a part of her job, she also helps with mentoring and onboarding new developers.
Lucie Šimečková Lucie Šimečková is a Developer Marketing Manager at Timescale. She lives in the Czech Republic. She is a diversity and inclusion and women empowerment advocate. From enforcing the Code of Conduct at events, through localization efforts, to supporting communities that work with marginalized groups, her goal is to ensure that all activities are inclusive of developers of all kinds.

Past Members

  • Carole Arnaud (2019-2021)
  • Lætitia Avrot (2018-2019)
  • Vik Fearing (2018-2019)
  • Stacey Haysler (Chair, 2018-2021)
  • Jonathan Katz (2018-2020)
  • Ilya Kosmodemiansky (2018-2020)
  • Fábio Telles Rodriguez (2020-2021)