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Code of Conduct Committee

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You can contact the Code of Conduct Committee at coc@postgresql.org.

Current Members

Stacey Haysler (Chair) Stacey Haysler is the CFO and COO of PostgreSQL Experts, Inc., in Alameda, California. She is a PostgreSQL Global Development Group Contributor, and is also a principal organizer of the San Francisco PostgreSQL Users’ Group and PgDay San Francisco.
Carole Arnaud Carole Arnaud is an executive board member of Dalibo and team manager. She lives in Nantes, France. She was part of the PGDay France committee from 2015 to 2018, and has been a co-organizer of pgDay Paris since 2018.
Ilya Kosmodemiansky Ilya Kosmodemiansky is a CEO and co-founder at Data Egret, lives in Saarbruecken, Germany. He is a co-organizer of usergroups and meetups (PostgreSQL User group Frankfurt-am-Main, DevOpsSaar meetup) and is part of the organization team of several conferences (PGConf.EU, FOSDEM PGDay, PGDay.Russia). He is also a member of the Sponsorship Committee of PostgreSQL Project.
Jonathan Katz Jonathan S. Katz is the Director of Cloud Engineering & Growth at Crunchy Data, and lives in New York. He is a PostgreSQL Global Development Group Major Contributor focused on advocacy, the website, and releases, and also serves on the board of the United States PostgreSQL Association.
Umair Shahid Umair Shahid heads Marketing & Products for 2ndQuadrant and is based in Islamabad, Pakistan. He serves as a member of PgUS User Group committee along with being the organizer for Islamabad and Dubai PostgreSQL Users' Groups. As part of his day job, he organizes the annual PostgresLondon event.

Past Members

Lætitia Avrot Lætitia Avrot is a Database Consultant for EnterpriseDB and lives in France, near Lyon. She is one of the Co-Founders of Postgres Women and is also an organizer of the Postgres Lyon User Group.
Vik Fearing Vik Fearing is a consultant and trainer for 2ndQuadrant France, and lives in Paris, France. He has been in the PostgreSQL community since 2008 and is the founder and co-organizer of pgDay Paris, co-organizer of PostgreSQL Conference Europe, and a volunteer and speaker at many other conferences around the world. He is also a moderator for several of the PostgreSQL mailing lists as well as an IRC channel operator for #postgresql and #postgresqlfr. He is an inaugural member of the PostgreSQL Code of Coduct Committee and part of the team behind the @PostgreSQL Twitter account. In his spare time, he likes to write minor patches to the PostgreSQL codebase.