Project Governance Directory

This page lists links to pages for the various teams and committees that comprise the governance hierarchy of the project. Please see the individual linked pages for more information about each group, including membership and charter.

Core Team

The PostgreSQL Core Team (Core) is the central arbiter of PostgreSQL project policy and governance.

Sysadmin Team

The PostgreSQL Sysadmin Team (PGInfra) runs all of the infrastructure. This includes a wide variety of public and non-public services.


The PostgreSQL Committers are the people with access to push to the git repository.

Security Team

The PostgreSQL Security Team presides over the reporting and fixing of vulnerabilities related to PostgreSQL and closely related projects. For security vulnerabilities in PostgreSQL or any of the installers linked from the PostgreSQL download page, please email For reporting non-security bugs, please visit the Report a Bug page. If you are unsure if an issue is a security vulnerability, please err on the side of caution and email

Code of Conduct Committee

The Code of Conduct Committee are the people who receive and investigate all complaints related to the PostgreSQL Code of Conduct.

Contributors Committee

The Contributors Committee curates the Contributor Profiles page.

Sponsors Committee

The Sponsors Committee maintains the Sponsors pages.

Non Profit Organizations

Several Non Profit Organizations serve the PostgreSQL Project in a variety of ways.