1st March 2018: PostgreSQL 10.3 Released!


The following is a categorized list of significant sponsors to PostgreSQL. Sponsors are listed in no particular order within each section, with just the location of the head office for each company shown.

Major Sponsor

conova communications GmbH conova communications GmbH Austria
Command Prompt, Inc. Command Prompt, Inc. United States
PostgreSQL Experts PostgreSQL Experts United States
OpenSCG OpenSCG United States
VMware VMware United States
Meetme.com Meetme.com United States
CyberTec CyberTec Austria
Crunchy Data Crunchy Data United States
Dalibo Dalibo France
2ndQuadrant 2ndQuadrant United Kingdom
OmniTI OmniTI United States
Rackspace Rackspace United States
NTT Group NTT Group Japan
Redpill Linpro Redpill Linpro Sweden
credativ GmbH credativ GmbH Germany
EnterpriseDB EnterpriseDB United States


Citus Data Citus Data United States
Pivotal Pivotal United States
Heroku Heroku United States
Postgres Professional Postgres Professional Russia
Fujitsu Fujitsu Japan
NEC NEC United States
Google Google United States
Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services United States
IBM IBM United States

Sponsorship Recognition

Sponsorship recognition is wholly determined by the Sponsorship Committee.