Financial Sponsors

Financial Sponsors are people or companies who have donated money to help support one of the Recognised PostgreSQL Nonprofit Organisations that support the project around the world. Each NPO determines how their sponsors are grouped and listed in this section.

PostgreSQL Community Association

The PostgreSQL Community Association is dedicated to stewarding the project trademarks and domain names, to ensure that PostgreSQL will remain free and open to all. The following sponsorship levels are used:

Level What activities can be supported? Minimum Donation in USD
Benefactor Expand PGCA's mission $20,000
Patron Ensure PGCA's ongoing operations $10,000
Supporter Support maintenance of domains $5,000
Friend $2,500
Donor All donations are appreciated. < $2,500

Find out more information about what PGCA does and its mission on the PGCA donation page.

PostgreSQL Community Association Sponsors

Name Date of donation Level
Xata 1st February 2024 Supporter