Code of Conduct Translation & Approval Process

Last updated: February 26, 2021. View change history.

The PostgreSQL Code of Conduct Committee manages the process for approving translations of the Code of Conduct from English into other languages, and for updating the translations when the policy is revised.

  1. The proposed translation should be reviewed by at least one other fluent speaker of the language prior to submitting it to the Committee.
  2. The proposed translation is sent to the Committee ( as follows:
    • The document should be submitted as both .txt and .pdf
    • The email should include the name(s) of the initial translator(s)
    • The email should include the name(s) of the reviewer(s)
  3. The Committee will review the information, and contact the submitter for any additional information needed.
  4. Once the Committee has completed its review, the translation is submitted for discussion to the ~general list, with a one week deadline for comments.
  5. Any comments or suggestions for revisions are sent to the submitter for consideration. If an updated version is needed, the updated version would be posted to the pgsql-general mailing list for a one week comment period.
  6. If there are no comments or revisions to make, the translation is sent to pgsql-www to be added to the website.
  7. Once the new translation is posted, the Committee posts a message to the PostgreSQL news announcements.
  8. The Committee maintains a list of all current translations, and will work with the original translators to update the policy as needed. If the original translator is unavailable to do the update, the Committee will post for a volunteer to do so.
  9. Out-of-date policies will be marked as such on the website while the updates are pending.