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dbMigration .NET v7.6 released

Posted on 2018-02-18
dbMigration .NET v7.6 is a simple, easy and intuitive multiple database migration and sync tool, With it you can easily ...

Postgres Migration Tookit v3.1 has been released

Posted on 2017-12-12
New version of Postgres Migration Tookit has been released. Major enhancements include: new Access-to-PostgreSQL, Firebird-to-PostgreSQL and SQLite-to-PostgreSQL converters support for ...

PostgreSQL PHP Generator Lite Released

Posted on 2017-12-06
SQL Maestro Group announces the release of PostgreSQL PHP Generator Lite, a free yet powerful GUI frontend for Windows that ...

DB Doc 5.0 released

Posted on 2017-11-23
Yohz Software has just released DB Doc 5.0, the PostgreSQL schema documentation tool, and is available for immediate download. Changes ...

Support for .NET Core 2.0 and PostgreSQL 10 in Updated dotConnect for PostgreSQL

Posted on 2017-11-06
Devart updated dotConnect ADO.NET data provider for PostgreSQL, LINQ to SQL-compatible ORM solution LinqConnect, and an ORM designer Entity Developer. ...

MicroOLAP Database Designer meets PostgreSQL 10!

Posted on 2017-11-01
The MicroOLAP team is proud to introduce Database Designer for PostgreSQL with support for PosgreSQL 10, an comprehensive CASE tool ...

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