Recognized Contributors

The PostgreSQL Contributor Profiles page includes people who have made substantial, long-term contributions of time and effort to the PostgreSQL project. One-time-only or short-term contributions are not usually considered adequate for listing, unless they involve quite large amounts of code and time. Financial contributions get listed on the Sponsors pages, not here.

Contributors levels

Current Contributors

The Contributor Profiles page lists Core Team members and two levels of PostgreSQL Contributors:

  • Core Team people on the PostgreSQL Core Team
  • Major Contributors individuals that have provided a sustained stream of contributions, having substantial positive impact on the development of the PostgreSQL Community, over many years.
  • Contributors individuals that have provided a sustained stream of notable contributions in recent years.

Past Contributors

This section lists people who were in the Core Team, Major Contributor, or Contributor section, but have stopped contributing for an extended period of time.

  • Hackers Emeritus - past Core Team members
  • Past Contributors - all past Contributors (Major or otherwise)

Types of Contributions

Contributions to the PostgreSQL Project that may be considered by the committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Code: Author, review, test, and/or commit patches that are pushed to the primary PostgreSQL git repository, and/or to closely related external projects such as PostGIS, pgjdbc, PGAdmin
  • Translation: user facing messages in source code, documentation
  • Community mailing list participation: report bugs, suggest features, contribute to ongoing discussions, answer questions, list moderation
  • Governance of the PostgreSQL project or community recognized NPOs: Core Team, NPO Board of Directors, NPO Officers, NPO Committees
  • Maintenance and operation of community controlled infrastructure: Sysadmin Team, Web Team
  • Other Community recognized committee participation: Security, Code of Conduct
  • Management of the development process and software lifecycle: Commitfest managers, Release Management Team, Release Team, Packagers, Buildfarm animal maintenance
  • Organization and execution of community recognized conferences: Organizing committee, Selection Committee, Speakers, Volunteers
  • Open Education: PostgreSQL related Blogs, articles, uncompensated training/tutorials
  • Open Support (in addition to community mailing lists): #postgresql IRC channel, Postgres slack channel, Stack Overflow

Committee Governance

The current method of choosing who qualifies as a Contributor is via simple majority vote of those on the committee. The size and membership of the Committee is self determined, but ratified by a simple majority vote of the Core Team. Generally the goal is that there be a minimum of three people, with no single company employing a majority of the committee membership.