Re: Linux Distribution Preferences?

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Subject: Re: Linux Distribution Preferences?
Date: 2013-01-13 23:06:44
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Ubuntu did the marketing for linux and many more. Some people are just haters. Can you tell us about upstart?

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Gavin Flower <GavinFlower(at)archidevsys(dot)co(dot)nz> wrote:

On 14/01/13 13:07, Chris Ernst wrote:
> On 01/13/2013 03:44 PM, Gavin Flower wrote:
>> I would tend use Fedora for development, but would consider CentOS (or
>> RHEL, if we had the budget) for production - I avoid Ubuntu like the
>> plague.
> I happen to be doing my own research on this matter. I tend to lean
> more toward RHEL or CentOS for production servers just because there
> seem to be more people using it in that capacity and it seem to be
> easier to get solid support or advice for those. But I prefer Ubuntu
> for my laptop mainly because of the size of the community, available
> PPAs, ease of administration, etc...
> Ultimately, it seem to come down to what you are most
> familiar/comfortable managing. I don't see much practical difference
> between the distributions other than the versions of various software
> that they ship with by default. But that is usually rather easy to
> change according to your needs anyway.
> I've seen the opinion of "avoid Ubuntu like the plague" expressed many
> times, but it is never followed up with any solid reasoning. Can you
> (or anyone else) give specific details on exactly why you believe
> Ubuntu should be avoided?
> - Chris
4 reasons:

1. One place where I worked Ubuntu was standard, I tried it and found
that it lacked at least a couple of desktop features in GNOME 2 that
I found very useful into Fedora. Fortunately, I was allowed to
revert back to Fedora. Prior to that, I was using Fedora mainly by

2. Twice I came across features that I liked and Ubuntu seemed to imply
they had done them, later I found the projects been initiated and
sponsored largely by Red Hat. Especially as Red Hat is in the top
ten contributors to the kernel, and the contribution of Ubuntu is
not significant.

3. Ubuntu distributions are now starting to be filled with crapware and
ant-privacy features features.

4. Ubuntu seems very good at collecting fanbois.

If I were to change from Fedora, I would probably go back to Debian.



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