Re: COPY FROM WHEN condition

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Subject: Re: COPY FROM WHEN condition
Date: 2018-11-03 12:53:37
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David Fetter wrote:

> It also seems like a violation of separation of concerns to couple
> FEBE to grammar, so there'd need to be some way to do those things
> separately, too.

After re-reading psql/copy.c, I withdraw what I said upthread:
it doesn't appear necessary to add anything to support the WHEN
condition with \copy.

\copy does have a dedicated mini-parser, but it doesn't try to
recognize every option: it's only concerned with getting the bits of
information that are needed to perform the client-side work:
- whether it's a copy from or to
- what exact form and value has the 'filename' argument immediately
after from or to:
'<file path>' | PROGRAM '<command>' | stdin | stdout | pstdout | pstdout

It doesn't really care what the options are, just where they are
in the buffer, so they can be copied into the COPY SQL statement.

From the code:
* The documented syntax is:
* \copy tablename [(columnlist)] from|to filename [options]
* \copy ( query stmt ) to filename [options]

The WHEN clause would be part of the [options], which
are handled as simply as this in parse_slash_copy():

/* Collect the rest of the line (COPY options) */
token = strtokx(NULL, "", NULL, NULL,
0, false, false, pset.encoding);
if (token)
result->after_tofrom = pg_strdup(token);

So unless there's something particular in the WHEN clause
expression that could make this strtokx() invocation error out,
this should work directly.

Best regards,
Daniel Vérité
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