From: "Matthew N(dot) Dodd" <winter(at)jurai(dot)net>
To: David Gould <dg(at)illustra(dot)com>
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Date: 1998-06-05 15:23:03
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On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, David Gould wrote:
> This of course is most useful if the remaining platforms adopt it too.
> Given current trends, I suspect this will happen.

I suspect you're talking about 'remaining Linux distributions, on all
platforms (Alpha,MIPS,Sparc,ix86 etc.)

In that sense you are correct and it is already happening.

> The other distributions will follow. Debian is almost there. And all the
> neat new packages will follow. And so eventually all the Intel platforms
> will have a Glibc so they can use all that fun new stuff. And the good
> news is that Glibc is portable in the sense that if you have Glibc,
> Glibc programs work. So the effect is now the other Intel Unixs get to
> run all the nice new Linux binaries. Look at that, install a library,
> get access to more software. If you want (not have, want) to you can
> even build software that will run on Linux with no Linux.

All the other OS will be able to use glibc2 binaries in the same way that
Linux uses Solaris2 binaries; through a binary ABI interface.

FreeBSD already runs libc5 and glibc2 binaries. Suggesting that FreeBSD
or other platforms compile native binaries against glibc2 is silly; they
have their own libc which works just fine.

> All else aside, the non Linux Unixs are going to support Linux
> compatibility.

Supporting a binary ABI is completly different from using glibc2 natively.

> Or educate all 10 million Linux users ;-).

Why should non-Linux Unix give a rats ass what the level of education the
average Linux user has?

> And Glibc is far better for a non Linux system then Linux Libc5.

I haven't noticed the difference.

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