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Subject: RE: libpq debug log
Date: 2019-07-17 08:12:50
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This is a summary of the whole thread.
I am currently improving PQtrace() by adjusting its output to one line per protocol message as per the advice of reviewers.

If a problem occurs, such as a slow query, you want to know which query takes time.
In Current libpq, there is PQtrace(FILE *filename) facility to output exchanging protocol messages to file.
But I think current PQtrace() has following issues:
* The output is confusing. It is difficult to analyze information because it is printed one by one, and only a character representing a message (ex. printed 'T' means RowDescription).
* Timestamp is not output. So we cannot identify which process took a long time. That would be possible when we compare timestamps.
* PQtrace() code must be included in libpq application's source code. If you want to get log, you should change code and re-compile it for logging. Some application cannot do this.

Compared to tcpdump:
There is tcpdump for similar use, but it has the following problems:
- Windows users cannot use it.
- If the communication is encrypted, it is possible that you may not see the information you want as explained by Andres.
- Information can only be retrieved by limited users due to OS permissions.

Work on following improvements in order:
1. Adjusting it to emit one line per protocol message and output timestamp.
2. Enables logging control without recompiling the application.
I thought it would be better to control it with parameters. However since this method is controversial (Security implications, etc.), we will consider a good method after completing 1.

Latest patch just contains 1. Hence, the usage of this feature is the same as current PQtrace().

Example of log output:
In current PQtrace log:

To backend> Msg Q
To backend> "SELECT pg_catalog.set_config('search_path', '', false)"
To backend> Msg complete, length 60

I changed like this:

2019-04-04 02:39:51.488 UTC > Query 59 "SELECT pg_catalog.set_config('search_path', '', false)"

I appreciate your advice regarding the one line protocol message. Thank you in advance.

Aya Iwata

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