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From: Guillaume Lelarge <guillaume(at)lelarge(dot)info>
To: Blake McBride <blake(at)mcbride(dot)name>
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Subject: Re: pgAdmin 1.14.0 Beta 1 feedback
Date: 2011-05-17 19:47:23
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On 05/16/2011 04:16 PM, Blake McBride wrote:
> Greetings,
> I am using the latest beta of pgAdmin. I use pgAdmin daily over the
> last five years. Right now I mainly use it on a Mac. I have the
> following feedback. Most of my feedback is feedback that has been
> problems for a long time and hasn't been fixed in the latest beta as
> follows:
> 1. On the Mac (and possibly other platforms), if you maximize the
> window and re-size the panes, and then reduce the size of the window
> again you often totally lose access to some of the panes. If you
> reduce the window the panes should not reduce past a certain minimum.
> This is a significant problem because sometimes you have an external
> monitor connected. You maximize the pgAdmin window. You later put
> your machine to sleep and then wake it without the external monitor.
> You can't use pgAdmin at all until you reconnect an external monitor
> and re-size the window. This can render pgAdmin totally unusable
> until you have an external monitor to connect!

Unless I find a way to code on pgAdmin with my Mac Mini, only Dave can
help you on this.

> 2. pgAdmin does not allow you to add comments on a new field. You
> must first complete the add and then go back in to add the comment.
> This is a nightmare. If you have a large database with a lot of
> maintenance, you want to add columns and move on. The way pgAdmin
> requires two steps to add comments you have to make two passes over
> all of your new columns. This is a huge waste of time. Yea, I know
> you probably can't add a comment before a column is totally there but
> that's your problem. pgAdmin should do the two steps.

Fixed. Dont know why we didn't allow it before.

> 3. Another screen size issue on the Mac (might also exist on other
> platforms too) - when dialogs come up, if you move it to a second,
> larger monitor and accept the dialog, the window manager remembers
> which screen you had the dialog on. Okay, fine. The problem is the
> next day you start your machine up without the external monitor. When
> you attempt the same dialogs they appear on your single monitor but
> they are positioned and sized for the external monitor. Often you
> can't use or reposition the screen at all until you reconnect the
> external monitor. This also renders pgAdmin totally nonfunctional
> until you can re-connect the external monitor and re-size and
> re-position the dialog to a functional location on the single monitor.

Yeah, I have the same issue when I try to show pgAdmin on a training
course with the projector. Not sure how we could fix that though.

> 4. This is related to the new version. I don't know who created the
> "New Column" dialog but it is a real pain for people who use it daily.

I did :)

> First of all, the default pane has the Comment field which isn't even
> usable (as described above).

As said above, this is fixed.

> Second you force the use of a second
> pane in order to add the column. This is unnecessarily cumbersome.

This was for consistency with the other dialogs.

> It would be significantly better to have all the required fields on
> the default pane thus minimizing the need for additional panes.

We did this so that users with small screens could use pgAdmin.

As it seems to be a major issue for some people, I fixed it by adding
the datatype, length, and precision fields on the first tab.

Your two requests not yet fixed will be recorded on our ticket system.
But don't expect them for 1.14.


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