Index-only scans vs. partially-retrievable indexes

From: Tom Lane <tgl(at)sss(dot)pgh(dot)pa(dot)us>
To: pgsql-hackers(at)lists(dot)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Index-only scans vs. partially-retrievable indexes
Date: 2022-01-02 19:14:13
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Yesterday I pushed what I thought was a quick fix for bug #17350 [1].
In short, if we have an index that stores both "x" and "f(x)",
where the "x" column can be retrieved in index-only scans but "f(x)"
cannot, it's possible for the planner to generate an IOS plan that
nonetheless tries to read the f(x) index column. The bug report
concerns the case where f(x) is needed in the IOS plan node's targetlist,
and I did fix that --- but I now realize that we still have a problem
with respect to rechecks of the plan node's indexquals. Here's
an example:

regression=# create extension pg_trgm;
regression=# create table t(a text);
regression=# create index on t using gist(lower(a) gist_trgm_ops) include (a);
regression=# insert into t values('zed');
regression=# insert into t values('z');
regression=# select * from t where lower(a) like 'z';
(1 row)

That's the correct answer, but we're using a bitmap scan to get it.
If we force an IOS plan:

regression=# set enable_bitmapscan = 0;
regression=# explain select * from t where lower(a) like 'z';
Index Only Scan using t_lower_a_idx on t (cost=0.14..28.27 rows=7 width=32)
Index Cond: ((lower(a)) ~~ 'z'::text)
(2 rows)

regression=# select * from t where lower(a) like 'z';
(0 rows)

That's from a build a few days old. As of HEAD it's even worse;
not only do we fail to return the rows we should, but EXPLAIN says

regression=# explain select * from t where lower(a) like 'z';
Index Only Scan using t_lower_a_idx on t (cost=0.14..28.27 rows=7 width=32)
Index Cond: ((NULL::text) ~~ 'z'::text)
(2 rows)

At least this is showing us what's happening: the index recheck condition
sees a NULL for the value of lower(a). That's because it's trying to
get the value of lower(a) out of the index, instead of recomputing it
from the value of a.

AFAICS this has been broken since 9.5 allowed indexes to contain
both retrievable and non-retrievable columns, so it's a bit surprising
that it hasn't been reported before. I suppose that the case was
harder to hit before we introduced INCLUDE columns. The relevant
code actually claims that it's impossible:

* If the index was lossy, we have to recheck the index quals.
* (Currently, this can never happen, but we should support the case
* for possible future use, eg with GiST indexes.)
if (scandesc->xs_recheck)
econtext->ecxt_scantuple = slot;
if (!ExecQualAndReset(node->indexqual, econtext))
/* Fails recheck, so drop it and loop back for another */
InstrCountFiltered2(node, 1);

That comment may have been true when written (it dates to 9.2) but
it's demonstrably not true now; the test case I just gave traverses
this code, and gets the wrong answer.

I don't think there is any way to fix this that doesn't involve
adding another field to structs IndexOnlyScan and IndexOnlyScanState.
We need a version of the indexqual that references the retrievable
index column x and computes f(x) from that, but the indexqual that's
passed to the index AM still has to reference the f(x) index column.
That's annoying from an API stability standpoint. In the back
branches, we can add the new fields at the end to minimize ABI
breakage, but we will still be breaking any extension code that thinks
it knows how to generate an IndexOnlyScan node directly. (But maybe
there isn't any. The Path representation doesn't need to change, so
typical planner extensions should be OK.)

Unless somebody's got a better idea, I'll push forward with making
this happen.

regards, tom lane



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