Re: Should we increase the default vacuum_cost_limit?

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Subject: Re: Should we increase the default vacuum_cost_limit?
Date: 2019-03-09 03:11:26
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I wrote:
> [ worries about overflow with VacuumCostLimit approaching INT_MAX ]

Actually, now that I think a bit harder, that disquisition was silly.
In fact, I'm inclined to argue that the already-committed patch
is taking the wrong approach, and we should revert it in favor of a
different idea.

The reason is this: what we want to do is throttle VACUUM's I/O demand,
and by "throttle" I mean "gradually reduce". There is nothing gradual
about issuing a few million I/Os and then sleeping for many milliseconds;
that'll just produce spikes and valleys in the I/O demand. Ideally,
what we'd have it do is sleep for a very short interval after each I/O.
But that's not too practical, both for code-structure reasons and because
most platforms don't give us a way to so finely control the length of a
sleep. Hence the design of sleeping for awhile after every so many I/Os.

However, the current settings are predicated on the assumption that
you can't get the kernel to give you a sleep of less than circa 10ms.
That assumption is way outdated, I believe; poking around on systems
I have here, the minimum delay time using pg_usleep(1) seems to be
generally less than 100us, and frequently less than 10us, on anything
released in the last decade.

I propose therefore that instead of increasing vacuum_cost_limit,
what we ought to be doing is reducing vacuum_cost_delay by a similar
factor. And, to provide some daylight for people to reduce it even
more, we ought to arrange for it to be specifiable in microseconds
not milliseconds. There's no GUC_UNIT_US right now, but it's time.
(Perhaps we should also look into using other delay APIs, such as
nanosleep(2), where available.)

I don't have any particular objection to kicking up the maximum
value of vacuum_cost_limit by 10X or so, if anyone's hot to do that.
But that's not where we ought to be focusing our concern. And there
really is a good reason, not just nannyism, not to make that
setting huge --- it's just the wrong thing to do, as compared to
reducing vacuum_cost_delay.

regards, tom lane

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