Re: A patch for get origin from commit_ts.

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Subject: Re: A patch for get origin from commit_ts.
Date: 2020-07-08 01:31:24
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>Cool, thanks. I have gone through your patch in details, and updated
>it as the attached. Here are some comments.

>'8000' as OID for the new function was not really random, so to be
>fair with the other patches, I picked up the first random value
>unused_oids has given me instead.
>There were some indentation issues, and pgindent got that fixed.

>I think that it is better to use "replication origin" in the docs
>instead of just origin. I have kept "origin" in the functions for
>now as that sounded cleaner to me, but we may consider using something
>like "reporigin" as well as attribute name.
>The tests could just use tstzrange() to make sure that the timestamps
>have valid values, so I have switched to that, and did not resist to
>do the same in the existing tests.
>+-- Test when it can not find the transaction
>+SELECT * FROM pg_xact_commit_timestamp_origin((:'txid_set_origin'::text::int +
>10)::text::xid) x;
>This test could become unstable, particularly if it gets used in a
>parallel environment, so I have removed it. Perhaps I am just
>over-pessimistic here though..
>As a side note, I think that we could just remove the alternate output
>of commit_ts/, as it does not really get used because of the
>NO_INSTALLCHECK present in the module's Makefile. That would be the
>job of a different patch, so I have updated it accordingly. Glad to
>see that you did not forget to adapt it in your own patch.
>(The change in catversion.h is a self-reminder...)
Thanks for all of that, so many details I still need to pay attention when
submit a patch.

Highgo Software (Canada/China/Pakistan)
EMAIL: mailto:movead(dot)li(at)highgo(dot)ca

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