Re: 2018-03 Commitfest Summary (Andres #3)

From: Andres Freund <andres(at)anarazel(dot)de>
To: Pg Hackers <pgsql-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: Re: 2018-03 Commitfest Summary (Andres #3)
Date: 2018-03-02 04:34:11
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On 2018-03-01 14:45:15 -0800, Andres Freund wrote:
> Second round.

And last round. [ work ]. Scratch that. There'll be one more after this

- Subscription code improvements

WOA. This is some minor cleanup stuff afaics. Don't think it's
terribly release bound.

- Bootstrap data conversion


Not quite sure if it's realistic to do something about for v11. If so,
it'd probably reasonable to merge this *after* the formal code freeze,
to avoid breaking ~all pending patches.

- reorganize partitioning code

NR. Created recently, but split off an older patch.

Seems like a generally reasonable idea. Wonder if it conflicts with
some other partition related patches?

- get rid of StdRdOptions, use individual binary reloptions
representation for each relation kind instead

NR. Created days ago, split off another patch.

I'm unclear why this is particularly desirable, but I might just be
missing something.

- Rewrite of pg_dump TAP tests

WOA. Recently created.

As it's "just" test infrastructure and makes things easier to
understand, I think it makes sense to push this ASAP.

- remove pg_class.relhaspkey

NR. Recentrly created.

Minor cleanup, might break a few clients. Probably should do it, don't
think it matters whether it's v11 or v12.

- pg_proc.prokind column

RFC. Cleans up some sql procedure stuff.

Obviously should get in.

- Unlogged tables re-initialization tests


Some questions about windows stuff that probably can easily be
resolved within CF.

- fixing more format truncation issues

NR. Warnings cleanup / addition by configure.

- Make async slave to wait for lsn to be replayed


There's been some design discussion a month ago, but no other
activity. Given that this seems unlikely to be a candidate for
v11. Should RWF.

- Logical decoding of two-phase transactions

NR. Old thread, but lots of churn.

I personally don't see how all of this patch series could get into
v11. There's a bunch of fairly finnicky details here.

- Replication status in logical replication

RFC. Pretty small patch, Simon has claimed it.

- Restricting maximum keep segments by repslots

NR. Submitted a good while ago.

I've some doubts about the design here, and there's certainly not been
a lot of low level review. Would need some reviewer focus to make it
possible to get into v11.

- Exclude unlogged tables from base backups

RFC, for quite a while.

I still have some correctness doubts around this, will try to have a

- logical_work_mem limit for reorderbuffer
- logical streaming for large in-progress transactions

NR. I'm not quite sure why these in this CF, inquired on thread.

- TRUNCATE behavior when session_replication_role = replica

RFC. Small patch, RFC since last CF. Should be merged.

- Logical decoding of TRUNCATE


I think this isn't quite pretty, but I think that's largely because
the DML vs DDL separation itself isn't really clean.

- Changing WAL Header to reduce contention during ReserveXLogInsertLocation()


We don't really seem to have agreement on what precisely to do, and
there's no patch implementing the latest state of what's being
discussed. I'm not really certain why this in this CF.

- Checksums for slru files

WOA. Patch clearly not close to commit, and there's not much
activity. Proposed to mark as RWF.

- handling of heap rewrites in logical decoding

NR. Sent 2018-02-24, CFed 2018-02-28.

This is an important feature, but I think it's going to have to wait
for v12.

- Exclude temp relations from base backup

NR. Sent 2018-02-28.

But it's essentially a trivial extension from the other "exclude"
patch above. If we merge the above, we should just merge this as

- Verify Checksums during Basebackups

NR. Sent 2018-02-28.

It's a pretty simple patch, but it's been submitted on the day before
the last CF. So I think there's a good case to be made for just moving

- GnuTLS support

WOA. I'm not quite sure what the status here is. If we want it, there
seems to be some work to make it fully compatible, including scram

- Group Read Access for Data Directory

WOA, although I don't quite know what for.

Seems mostly ready, but I'm not sure how detailed a code review this
got. A lot of the discussion in the thread is about tangential stuff.

- macOS Secure Transport SSL Support

NR, CF entry created recently, but thread started much earlier.

This is a fairly large part, and there seem to be some open
issues. Being pre-auth and network exposed, It's also an area of code
that is more security critical than a lot of other stuff. OTOH, there
seems to be quite some desire to get off openssl on macs...

- pg_hba.conf : new auth option : clientcert=verify-full

NR. Submitted first 2018-02-16.

Fairly trivial patch, but submitted to last CF. I think this is
pretty borderline.

- Correct space parsing in to_timestamp()

WOA. Based on thread that'd more appropriately be RFC.

This is probably ready.

- Generic type subscripting

NR. Has been worked on for a year.

I'm not quite sure where this stands. Tom had done quite a bit of
review, but there's been a fair bit of change in the version since

- Improve geometric types

RFC. This has been ready for a long while, but gone through several
revisions. So this doesn't look accurate to me. Thread pinged.

- Predicate locking in Gist index

RFC. Seems pretty small and has tests.

- Predicate locking in hash index

NR. There has been some back & forth between NR and WOA here, and as
far as I can tell the patch isn't close to being done.

pinged thread.

- Add support for tuple routing to foreign partitions

NR. Patch is still evolving, the latest versions haven't gotten a lot
of review.

It seems a bit ambitious to try to get this into v11.

- New function for tsquery creation

RFC. But I'm not sure how much detailed review this actually has got.

- Implement NULL-related checks in object address functions to prevent cache lookup errors


- Creating backup history files for backups taken from standbys

RFC, claimed by Fujii. Since nothing moved in the last month, I've
pinged thread.

- multivariate MCV lists and histograms

NR, for a good while.

This hasn't moved much in the last few fests, largely due to lack of
review afaics.

- Push aggregation down to base relations and joins


Based on the discussion in the last two months it seems quite unlikely
to make it into 11.

- Pluggable storage API

NR. This unfortunately still seems far off. It's possible though that
we can split off some smaller pieces of work and get them committed?

- Custom compression methods

RFC. While marked as ready for committer, I think this is mostly
because some high level design input is needed. It's huge, and so far
only seems to add already existing compression support.

Not seing this for v11.

- BRIN bloom and multi-minmax indexes

NR. This unfortunately hasn't gotten much review. I don't think it's
realistic to get into v11, but there should be at least some useful

- Covering B-tree indexes (aka INCLUDE)

RFC. This has been around for a long while. Seems a bit closer to
being committable than last time round, but I'm a bit doubtful it has
gotten qutie enough detailed review.

- UPDATE of partition key : Restrict concurrent update/delete

RFC. This item IMO is kind of a must-have after
2f178441044be430f6b4d626e4dae68a9a6f6cec, lest we violate visibility

I'll try to take a look over the next few days.

- Flexible configuration for full-text search


This is a huge patch that hasn't gotten a whole lot of code review,
nor a lot of design discussion / review (has a huge user facing
surface). I can't see this going into v11.

- FOR EACH ROW triggers on partitioned tables

WOA, for about a week.

Not sure if this has any chance, doesn't yet seem to have gotten much
review, there's known outstanding issues...

- Shared Ispell dictionaries

NR. I'm not sure this feature is good enough that we want it, but it
does solve a need I've (back when I interacted with users) heard a
couple times. I responded on the thread with suggestions how we can
not make the configuration as painful.

The code also doesn't look quite there yet, even if we were to go with
the current design. Thus I'm included to return with feedback soon-ish.

- Andres

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