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From: Andres Freund <andres(at)anarazel(dot)de>
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Subject: Re: 2018-03 Commitfest Summary (Andres #4)
Date: 2018-03-02 07:52:42
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On 2018-03-01 20:34:11 -0800, Andres Freund wrote:
> On 2018-03-01 14:45:15 -0800, Andres Freund wrote:
> > Second round.
> And last round. [ work ]. Scratch that. There'll be one more after this
> ;)

Let's do this. Hell, this CF is large. I'll have a glass of wine at
some point of this.

- Add default role pg_access_server_files

WOA. For a couple weeks now. Should kind abe punted, but I think the
amount of changes required isn't that large...

- foreign keys and partitioned tables

NR, but should probably be WOA.

This still seems fairly rough, hasn't been reviewed etc. I don't see
this going in unfortunately.

- Predicate locking in gin index


I don't quite think this is going in v11. There's not been much
review, the path is nontrivial.

- SQL/JSON: jsonpath

NR, could also bo WOA.

I don't see this realistically targeting v11. There's been very
little code review of the main patch. It's a bit sad that this got
kickstarted quite late, after people argued about getting an earlier
version of this into last release...

- Refuse setting toast.* reloptions when TOAST relation does not exist

NR. I think the conclusion here is that we're not sure what we want
to do. I'd reject and let the issue live for another day.

- Add enum releation option type


I don't see any urgency here.

- Handling better supported channel binding types for SSL

RFC. Seems simple enough.

- Rewriting the test of pg_upgrade as a TAP test - take two~

NR. Looks like it be doable to get this in, but depends a bit on
interactions with Andrew Dunstan / buildfarm.

- btree_gin, add support for uuid, bool, name, bpchar and anyrange types

NR. Definitely submitted late (2018-02-20). But also not a complicated

- ICU as default collation provider

NR. This has been posted 2018-02-10, submitted 2018-02-26. It's a
large patch. Therefore I don't think this is elegible for v11.
Commented on thread.

- Advanced partition matching for partition-wise join

NR. While CF entry has been created late 2018-02-27, it has been in
development for much longer, thread started 2017-08-21. Apparently
because it dependent on partitionwise join?

Given the level of review and size of patch I've a bit of a hard time
seing this getting into v11.

- Nepali Snowball dictionary

NR. Referred to new snowball upstream. Will need sync with new code,
which the CF entry doesn't yet do. Therefore I think this should be
marked RF, as proposed on thread.


NR. Code removal, so we probably want this despite being submitted

- Transactions involving multiple postgres foreign servers

NR. This is an *old* thread.

This is large, not reviewed a lot (Robert started some serious
reviewing in Feb, large changes ensued). I unfortunately don't see
this in v11.

- ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE for partitioned tables

NR. CF entry was created recently (2018-02-28), but is based on an
earlier patch.

This is relatively large and not reviewed much. I don't quite see it.

- kNN for SP-GiST

NR. Current CF entry created 2018-02-28, but there was one previous
entry that got one cycle of review 2017-03-09.

This appears to be a large patch dropped on the eve of the current CF,
despite some older ancestry. I think we should just move it.

- SQL/JSON support in PostgreSQL

This appears to be the older version of "SQL/JSON support in
PostgreSQL", plus some further patches, which all also have new
entries. I think we should close this entry, even the references patch
seems a challenge, we certainly can't bite off even more. RWF?

- Foreign Key Arrays

RFC. This is a fairly large, but not huge patch. While it's marked
RFC, I'm not quite sure it's gotten enough detailed review.


NR. Tom proposes to reject, and I can't fault him.

- Handling of the input data errors in COPY FROM

NR. I can't see this going anywhere, the current incarnation uses
PG_TRY/CATCH around InputFunctionCall.

- Add NOWAIT option to VACUUM and ANALYZE

RFC. Looks pretty trivial.

- Boolean partition syntax

WOA. There seems to be pretty strong consensus that the current
approach isn't the right one. I think this should be RWF. Proposed on

- Lockable views

RFC. While marked as RFC, I think there's actually quite an
uncertainty whether we want the feature in the current form at all.

I think it'd be good for others to weigh in.

- generated columns

NR. This hasn't yet gotten much detailed review. Not sure if


NR. There's qutie some review activity. Seems possible to get
there. We'll have to see.

- SQL/JSON: functions

NR. Extracted from a bigger patch, submitted 2018-01-10.

This has not gotten any review so far and is huge. I don't see it.

I think the SQL/JSON folks gotta prioritize. There's a number of
features and max one of them can get in. Choose. Jsonpath seems to
have gotten the most attention so far.


Same story as above, albeit slightly smaller.

- prefix operator for text type and spgist index support

NR. Submitted 2018-02-02. Not huge, but also completely new. I'd
just move.

- Add support for ON UPDATE/DELETE actions on ALTER CONSTRAINT

NR. Submitted 2018-02-20. I think this should just be moved to the
next fest. Proposed on thread.

- chained transactions

NR. Submitted 2018-02-28. This is a large complicated patch submitted
just before the last CF. I think it should promptly moved.

- log_destination=file

NR. My perception is that we don't know precisely enough what we
want. I think we should just return this with feedback and see where
a potential discussion leads. Certainly doesn't seem v11 material.

- Early locking option to parallel backup

WOA. I think there's concensus we don't want this in the current
incarnation. Outlines of other approaches described. Should mark as

- Support optional message in backend cancellation/termination

NR. Current incarnation of patch fairly new (2018-01-24).

Seems a bit late, and unripe, but possibly doable?

- Allow changing WAL segment size with pg_resetwal

NR. While there was an earlier patch, the current incarnation (redone
based on review), is from 2018-02-07

The patch seems simply enough, so I think we might try to get this in?

- autovacuum: add possibility to change priority of vacuumed tables

WOA. Submitted 2018-02-08.

This seems to more at the design stage than something ready for v11.

- Kerberos test suite

WOA. Submitted late, but just tests.

- Online enabling of checksums

NR. Submitted late 2018-02-21.

This hasn't yet gotten that much review and is definitely not a
trivial patch. I'm not sure it's fair to target this to v11, even
taking committerness into account.

- SSL passphrase prompt external command

NR. Submitted late 2018-02-24.

While not large, it's also not trivial...

- Zero headers of remaining pages in WAL segment after switch

NR. Submitted decidely late (2018-02-25), but at least it's a
different implementation of an older proposal.

The patch is fairly simple though.

- Reopen logfile on SIGHUP

NR. There's debate about whether we want this.

- Changing the autovacuum launcher scheduling; oldest table first

NR, submitted late: 2018-02-28.

Proposed it being moved to next CF.

Yay! Also, sorry for all the spam today.


Andres Freund

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