14th September 2023: PostgreSQL 16 Released!

Release Notes

PostgreSQL 7.3.4

A.18. Release 7.3.4

Release date: 2003-07-24

This has a variety of fixes from 7.3.3.

A.18.1. Migration to Version 7.3.4

A dump/restore is not required for those running 7.3.*.

A.18.2. Changes

  • Repair breakage in timestamp-to-date conversion for dates before 2000

  • Prevent rare possibility of server startup failure (Tom)

  • Fix bugs in interval-to-time conversion (Tom)

  • Add constraint names in a few places in pg_dump (Rod)

  • Improve performance of functions with many parameters (Tom)

  • Fix to_ascii() buffer overruns (Tom)

  • Prevent restore of database comments from throwing an error (Tom)

  • Work around buggy strxfrm() present in some Solaris releases (Tom)

  • Properly escape jdbc setObject() strings to improve security (Barry)