Release Notes

PostgreSQL 7.3.2

A.20. Release 7.3.2

Release date: 2003-02-04

This release contains a variety of fixes for version 7.3.1.

A.20.1. Migration to Version 7.3.2

A dump/restore is not required for those running version 7.3.*.

A.20.2. Changes

  • Restore creation of OID column in CREATE TABLE AS / SELECT INTO

  • Fix pg_dump core dump when dumping views having comments

  • Dump DEFERRABLE/INITIALLY DEFERRED constraints properly

  • Fix UPDATE when child table's column numbering differs from parent

  • Increase default value of max_fsm_relations

  • Fix problem when fetching backwards in a cursor for a single-row query

  • Make backward fetch work properly with cursor on SELECT DISTINCT query

  • Fix problems with loading pg_dump files containing contrib/lo usage

  • Fix problem with all-numeric user names

  • Fix possible memory leak and core dump during disconnect in libpgtcl

  • Make plpython's spi_execute command handle nulls properly (Andrew Bosma)

  • Adjust plpython error reporting so that its regression test passes again

  • Work with bison 1.875

  • Handle mixed-case names properly in plpgsql's %type (Neil)

  • Fix core dump in pltcl when executing a query rewritten by a rule

  • Repair array subscript overruns (per report from Yichen Xie)

  • Reduce MAX_TIME_PRECISION from 13 to 10 in floating-point case

  • Correctly case-fold variable names in per-database and per-user settings

  • Fix coredump in plpgsql's RETURN NEXT when SELECT into record returns no rows

  • Fix outdated use of pg_type.typprtlen in python client interface

  • Correctly handle fractional seconds in timestamps in JDBC driver

  • Improve performance of getImportedKeys() in JDBC

  • Make shared-library symlinks work standardly on HPUX (Giles)

  • Repair inconsistent rounding behavior for timestamp, time, interval

  • SSL negotiation fixes (Nathan Mueller)

  • Make libpq's ~/.pgpass feature work when connecting with PQconnectDB

  • Update my2pg, ora2pg

  • Translation updates

  • Add casts between types lo and oid in contrib/lo

  • fastpath code now checks for privilege to call function