PostgreSQL 16.2, 15.6, 14.11, 13.14, and 12.18 Released!

Posted on 2024-02-08 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group
PostgreSQL Project Security

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released an update to all supported versions of PostgreSQL, including 16.2, 15.6, 14.11, 13.14, and 12.18. This release fixes one security vulnerability and over 65 bugs reported over the last several months.

If you use GIN indexes, you may need to reindex after updating to this release. Please see the release notes for more information.

For the full list of changes, please review the release notes.

Security Issues

CVE-2024-0985: PostgreSQL non-owner REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW CONCURRENTLY executes arbitrary SQL

CVSS v3 Base Score: 8.0

Supported, Vulnerable Versions: 12 - 16.

One step of a concurrent refresh command was run under weak security restrictions. If a materialized view's owner could persuade a superuser or other high-privileged user to perform a concurrent refresh on that view, the view's owner could control code executed with the privileges of the user running REFRESH. The fix for the vulnerability makes is so that all user-determined code is run as the view's owner, as expected.

The PostgreSQL project thanks Pedro Gallegos for reporting this problem.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This update fixes over 65 bugs that were reported in the last several months. The issues listed below affect PostgreSQL 16. Some of these issues may also affect other supported versions of PostgreSQL.

  • Fix memory leak when performing JIT inlining that could lead to out-of-memory conditions.
  • Several query planner fixes.
  • Align MERGE behavior with UPDATE when updating a partition key column and skip firing AFTER UPDATE ROW trigger and other post-update actions.
  • Fix problems with duplicate token names in ALTER TEXT SEARCH CONFIGURATION ... MAPPING commands.
  • Fix DROP ROLE with duplicate role names.
  • Properly lock the associated table during DROP STATISTICS to prevent errors if ANALYZE is running concurrently.
  • Fix function volatility checking for GENERATED and DEFAULT expressions.
  • Ensure collation matches when matching an existing index to a new partitioned index.
  • Avoid failure if a child index is dropped concurrently with REINDEX INDEX on a partitioned index.
  • Fix for locking during cleanup of GIN indexes. For this case, if multiple processes tried to clean the same GIN index page, there was a chance of index corruption. If you believe you were affected by this issue, reindex your GIN indexes after installing this update.
  • Avoid failure with partitioned SP-GiST indexes.
  • Several ownership fixes for large objects.
  • In EXPLAIN (BUFFERS), change name of I/O timing data "shared/local" to "shared".
  • Ensure durability of the CREATE DATABASE command if a system crash occurred during or shortly after execution.
  • Add more logging messages when starting and ending recovery from a backup.
  • Revert a change that made the walreceiver process unresponsive to SIGTERM while waiting for a replication connection to be established.
  • Several fixes for logical replication.
  • Fix incompatibility with OpenSSL 3.2.
  • Fix PL/pgSQL to allow CREATE FUNCTION/CREATE PROCEDURE SQL commands that use SQL-standard function bodies.
  • Fix for error handling in libpq pipeline mode.
  • Ensure initdb always uncomments postgresql.conf entries for the lc_ family of parameters.
  • In pg_dump, don't dump RLS policies or security labels for extension member objects.

This release also updates time zone data files to tzdata release 2024a for DST law changes in Greenland, Kazakhstan, and Palestine, plus corrections for the Antarctic stations Casey and Vostok. Also historical corrections for Vietnam, Toronto, and Miquelon.


All PostgreSQL update releases are cumulative. As with other minor releases, users are not required to dump and reload their database or use pg_upgrade in order to apply this update release; you may simply shutdown PostgreSQL and update its binaries.

If you use GIN indexes, you may need to reindex after updating to this release. Please see the release notes for more information.

Users who have skipped one or more update releases may need to run additional post-update steps; please see the release notes from earlier versions for details.

For more details, please see the release notes.


If you have corrections or suggestions for this release announcement, please send them to the public mailing list.