New Members of the Community Code of Conduct Committee

Posted on 2022-10-11 by PostgreSQL Code of Conduct Committee

The PostgreSQL Community Code of Conduct Committee welcomes three new members:

Aleksandra Abramova is a Community Specialist at Percona. She focuses on growing open source communities and making them accessible to different kinds of contributors. Her inspiration is supporting women in the tech industry and in their lives, and promoting diversity.

Anthony Nowocien is a PostgreSQL DBA at Société Générale and lives in Paris, France. He is the secretary of the PostgreSQL FR association. He has co-organized several events, making this event a community-recognized one, including work on its Code Of Conduct.

Eliza Bennett has no formal PostgreSQL or tech experience, but she has over twenty years of international experience working in large, complex, and diverse organizations in the communications, engagement, HR management, and customer service fields. As a member of the LGBTQ community, she is passionate about engaging in initiatives that promote fair, inclusive, and supportive environments for all. She is Australian, grew up in France, and has worked with municipal governments in Ontario, Canada, for the last 20 years leading communications and advocacy functions.

Umair Shahid, who served as the Chair for the last year, has now completed his 3-year term in the Committee. Umair has improved and strengthened the Committee procedures, mentored members, and led the current Committee to success, and we are grateful for his enormous efforts. Thank you, Umair!

Jeanette Bromage and Anastasia Lubennikova, who served on the Committee for 2 years, are stepping down this year. We appreciate their involvement in the Committee.

There will be a short transition period, ending October 31, 2022 to allow the transfer of information and responsibilities.

The new term runs through September 30, 2023.

The continuing Committee members are:

Michael Goldberg (taking over as Chair) is a co-organizer of PGDay Israel conferences since 2017, co-founder of PostgreSQL Israeli Community, PostgreSQL translator, part of the translation team for the press releases, and maintainer of the PostgreSQL Israel and PGDay Israel websites. Michael is the Containers Product Architect at Spot by Netapp.

Ilaria Battiston is a Data Engineering student at Technical University of Munich with a huge passion for Databases and Open Source, planning to dedicate her upcoming years in Database research and development. She is an administrative committee of the Italian Postgres User Group, part of the organizing team of PGConfEU and Google Summer of Code participant.

Lucie Šimečková is a Developer Marketing Manager at Timescale. She lives in the Czech Republic. She is a diversity and inclusion and women empowerment advocate. From enforcing the Code of Conduct at events, through localization efforts, to supporting communities that work with marginalized groups, her goal is to ensure that all activities are inclusive of developers of all kinds.

Stefan Fercot is a Database Backup Architect at EDB. Former PostgreSQL DBA and Linux system administrator, he lives in Mons, Belgium. He is part of the contributing team behind pgBackRest and also helps organizing community events with the FR and EU PostgreSQL Users' Groups. The Committee is comprised of 4 women, 3 men, and 0 nonbinary individuals.

No two members work at the same company. No two members reside in the same country.

The countries represented are (in A-Z order):

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Russian Federation

The full list of Committee members is always available at:

The Committee can be contacted at