Migration of #postgresql IRC channels

Posted on 2021-05-22 by PostgreSQL Global Development Group

The PostgreSQL IRC Admin team has decided to migrate the official #postgresql (and related) channels to the Libera IRC network, https://libera.chat.

While we understand that this may be disruptive, we hope that the migration will generally go smoothly- nearly 200 individuals have already arrived on to the new #postgresql channel and the network, while initially there were some hiccups, has seemed to stabilize.

We do ask that you be understanding of any issues which do come up.

The PostgreSQL IRC Admin team can be reached by email at:


and, generally, on the Libera Chat #postgresql channel.

Connection information for Libera Chat, the list of PostgreSQL channels, the PostgreSQL IRC Admin Team list of nicks and names, and other information about PostgreSQL on IRC is available here:


Thanks and happy chatting!