Donate to PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL donations are managed by the funds group. The money donated goes to many vital services that the PostgreSQL community needs including advocacy materials, project infrastructure, legal expenses, and more.

Donate by Credit Card / PayPal

PostgreSQL donations are processed via Paysimple (third party) and deposited into the PostgreSQL account at Software in the Public Interest (SPI). You can click the button below, which will redirect you to PayPal where your donation will be processed:

For other amounts or to donate via American, Canadian Check or Money Order:

Donations can also be made by mailing a check or sending a money order to Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

Please be sure to put "PostgreSQL" in the MEMO field.

You can mail the check or money order to:
Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
1732 1st Ave #20327
New York, NY 10128-5177
United States

Tax deductibility

Please be aware that PostgreSQL contributions may or may not be tax exempt. For more information please see the SPI website and your local tax advisor. If you would like to donate non-monetary items such as computers or other equipment, please contact the PostgreSQL Funds Group.

Infrastructure Donations

There are many companies that donate servers.