Re: MS-SQL Store Procedure to Postgresql Function

From: Jasen Betts <jasen(at)xnet(dot)co(dot)nz>
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Subject: Re: MS-SQL Store Procedure to Postgresql Function
Date: 2012-02-01 10:52:41
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On 2012-01-30, Rehan Saleem <pk_rehan(at)yahoo(dot)com> wrote:
>hi , how i can convert this store procedure to PostgreSQL function,
>especially I really dont know how to set type to readonly in PostgreSQL.

I don't actually understand T-SQL so I'm going from the
structure more than from the actual meaning of the code given

it looks like the same effect could be had in a different way

"delete ... using" instead.
this is assuming that you set up a cascading delete of

assuming the thie makes sense:


-- the important part is UserAC.UserDataAcountId has an index
-- with the unique property, I'm guessing id is actually a primary key.

ALTER TABLE UserAccountDetails ADD UserDataAcountId REFERENCES

-- again i'm guessing from the names of the columns.
-- nut if that all fits your data, and usage patterns
-- you can do the following:

DELETE FROM UserAC USING /*some-query*/ WHERE /*some-condition*/;

and get pretty-much the same effect.
here /*some-query*/ would be your table expression and
/*some-condition*/ would join it to UserAC

postgresql treats all unquoted identifiers as lower case, if you are
have stuff with mixed-case names you need to quote them with double
quotes, I have assumend that the mixed case is just for menmonic
reasons and not significant.

although postgres doesn't do table parameters there are three
other possibilities,

dynamic sql
agregate functions.

thses are all considered advanced topics,

expect EVERYTHING that is not covered by SQL standards to be totally

there is usually a way to do what you want, it may well be completely
different to the old way.

⚂⚃ 100% natural

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