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after postgresql install my pc freezes/slows critically

From: zax zax <zaxtorrent(at)freemail(dot)hu>
To: pgsql-general(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: after postgresql install my pc freezes/slows critically
Date: 2008-05-20 02:41:14
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Lists: pgsql-general
This is copy from a forum where i described my problem w postgresql.

Can anyone help me?

after postgresql install my pc freezes/slows critically
by zaxpoker on Fri May 16, 2008 4:30 am 


I installed postgresql on my pc, I could do everything according to the 
installation guide everything should have been fine

but unfortunately bad things started to happen

put it short: my whole pc slowed dramatically

win startup got lot slower + doing anything was slower - pokertracker 
too worked slower

to be precise my pc held pausing breaks stop and go, stop and go 
without no end

i.e i started explorer or mozilla, it worked then
about 10 seconds freeze, 10 seconds normal but slower working then 
10 seconds freezing again and so on

my pc became useless

I tried uninstalling postgresql, freezing and slowing remained

i tried system restore, freezing and slowing remained

i figured there might be an issue with my firewall + antivirus software - 
Norton Internet Security 2004 - 

So after the format c: new windows, and BEFORE installing NIS i 
installed postgresql on a new absolutely virgin windows setup

same freezing going slowly, freezing stuff:(

so I had to format c: again and put up windows again with a plan that I 
never would try to install postgresql again on this configuration as it 
would ruin my pc and I would need to install for 3 days again.

I wouldn't plan to buy a complete new hardware just because of this as 
this machine is not that old and should be perfect 

my config is

Intel P4 2,8G
Asus P4P800 SE (i848P)
1 G PC3200 DDR
3 harddisk over 700 G space
ATI Radeon HD2400

Win XP Sp2 with all updates

I'm a classic "user" I can install anything but haven't got a clue about 
real programming or informatic skills, I don't understand postgresql 

I can't figure out what part of it messes up with what part or either if 
it's software or hardware related, I never ever had any compatibility 
issues on this config in the 3-4 years i've been using this one

 q: anyone heard of anything similar like this?

If you find the time please help me out!zaxpoker 
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Reply with quote Re: after postgresql install my pc freezes/slows 
by APerfect10 on Mon May 19, 2008 7:31 pm 

To summarize, new Windows install with PostgreSQL freezes.

Identical new Windows install without PostgreSQL does not freeze?

That does not make much sense to me. PostgreSQL should create 
little/no extra burden on your computer when idle. Even when 
PokerTracker 3 is churning through your database, PostgreSQL should 
spike at no more than 50% CPU.

I suspect something else is going on? Hardware related?

Best regards,

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Reply with quote Re: after postgresql install my pc freezes/slows 
by zaxpoker on Mon May 19, 2008 10:03 pm 


Virgin win I installed postgresql and it did this stop and go.

not a classic freeze where you have to restart but like it would think on 
something, like it was extracting a huge rar or something

nothing suspicious or new in the taskmanager, around 5-15 
postgresql.exe running though but as i read thats about normal

about ten sec "thinking" - no program responds, only mouse is "live" - 
then it goes from there for 10-20 secs then "thinking" again

no similar woodoo issue ever on this comp not before not since

i dont use too many softwares though some pc games (FPS, etc.), 
watching videos, listening to mp3s, normal stuff, nothing ever

and i dont even know where to look for could this be some harddisk 
issue? is postgre extraactive there cause i have three harddisks

or motherboard to x peripherial?

no clue

worst is that i know it's a complicated issue that is almost impossible to 
resolve from distant or through simple questions

this issue is really torpedoing me:(


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