Re: PGSVC : PostgreSQL Windows Service Manager

From: "Keith Woodell" <efesar(at)unm(dot)edu>
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Subject: Re: PGSVC : PostgreSQL Windows Service Manager
Date: 2004-04-05 23:09:21
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> main distribution, it cannot rely on Borland C++ builder - it has to
> compile with mingw. Since there is no other C++ code in postgresql, j...

Actually, there's no C++; naming it was a due to old habits. It should be
compliant. Borland CBuilder comes with MinGW and gcc, which compiled it fine
(although the binary on the site is Borland). Maybe we have different
versions of MinGW? Can you send your output? I will fix and retry. I also
have a separate MinGW install, to build PGSQL, and I will try that.

> Also, please note that GPL code is not compatible with the current
> postgresql license - check the archives for multiple discussions...

Please tell me which license to pick. I know it will be hard for you to
allow me to relinquish my own control, but I'm fine with that. Tell me which
one to pick, and I'll be happy to switch the license. :) For me, to you all,
it's free, whatever, beer, money, however that goes ... I don't have an
opinion! It's all free to me!

> It should be quite possible to redirect these pipes using the data in
> STARTUPINFO. I'm not sure how that will handle subprocesses execu...

I redirected with STARTUPINFO by many methods (including Microsoft's
example), and it positively could not find the sugar to redirect. The pipes
were open, I could "read" (no data, however), then they would close with
this error: "The pipe has ended." I tried with and without inheritance. I
can try to link PGSQL with a link switch called "-mwindows" (which
apparently disables the "DOS command window"), but I have no idea where? On
the linker, I presume, but I'm not that well versed. Maybe the "console" is
a "superprocess" to the "postmaster.exe"? Just a thought ... ?

As for subprocesses, I'm not that well versed. I'd prefer to redirect
stdout/stderr, if only to save my hairline. :)

> As for using the eventlog - I think that depends a lot on the
> environment. When debugging it's probably not the right thing (thoug...

I'm not picky; more is better!

Thanks for your input.

-Keith Woodell
System Administrator
Natural Heritage New Mexico
505-277-3822 ext 232, 505-277-3844 (fax)

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