Re: WAL consistency check facility

From: Michael Paquier <michael(dot)paquier(at)gmail(dot)com>
To: Kuntal Ghosh <kuntalghosh(dot)2007(at)gmail(dot)com>
Cc: Robert Haas <robertmhaas(at)gmail(dot)com>, Amit Kapila <amit(dot)kapila16(at)gmail(dot)com>, Peter Geoghegan <pg(at)heroku(dot)com>, Simon Riggs <simon(at)2ndquadrant(dot)com>, PostgreSQL-development <pgsql-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org>, Amit Kapila <amit(dot)kapila(at)enterprisedb(dot)com>, Andres Freund <andres(at)anarazel(dot)de>
Subject: Re: WAL consistency check facility
Date: 2016-11-10 04:55:27
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On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 11:32 PM, Kuntal Ghosh
<kuntalghosh(dot)2007(at)gmail(dot)com> wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 1:32 PM, Michael Paquier
> <michael(dot)paquier(at)gmail(dot)com> wrote:
>> Thank you for the new patch. This will be hopefully the last round of
>> reviews, we are getting close to something that has an acceptable
>> shape.
> Thanks a lot for reviewing the patch. Based on your review, I've attached the
> updated patch along with few comments.

Thanks for the new version. pg_xlogdump is really helpful now for debugging.

>> I haven't performed any tests with the patch, and that's all I have
>> regarding the code. With that done we should be in good shape
>> code-speaking I think...
> I've done a fair amount of testing which includes regression tests
> and manual creation of inconsistencies in the page. I've also found the
> reason behind inconsistency in brin revmap page.
> Brin revmap page doesn't have standard page layout. Besides, It doesn't update
> pd_upper and pd_lower in its operations as well. But, during WAL
> insertions, it uses
> REGBUF_STANDARD to register a reference in the WAL record. Hence, when we
> restore image before consistency check, RestoreBlockImage fills the space
> between pd_upper and pd_lower(page hole) with zero. I've posted this as a
> separate thread.

Nice to have spotted the inconsistency. This tool is going to be useful..

I have spent a couple of hours playing with the patch, and worked on
it a bit more with a couple of minor changes:
- In gindesc.c, the if blocks are more readable with brackets.
- Addition of a comment when info is set, to mention that this is done
at the beginning of the routine so as callers of XLogInsert() can pass
the flag for consistency checks.
- apply_image should be reset in ResetDecoder().
- The BRIN problem is here:
2016-11-10 12:24:10 JST [65776]: [23-1] db=,user=,app=,client= FATAL:
Inconsistent page found, rel 1663/16385/30625, forknum 0, blkno 1
2016-11-10 12:24:10 JST [65776]: [24-1] db=,user=,app=,client=
CONTEXT: xlog redo at 0/9BD31148 for BRIN/UPDATE+INIT: heapBlk 100
pagesPerRange 1 old offnum 11, new offnum 1
2016-11-10 12:24:10 JST [65776]: [25-1] db=,user=,app=,client=
WARNING: buffer refcount leak: [4540] (rel=base/16385/30625,
blockNum=1, flags=0x93800000, refcount=1 1)
TRAP: FailedAssertion("!(RefCountErrors == 0)", File: "bufmgr.c", Line: 2506)
Now the buffer refcount leak is not normal! The safest thing to do
here is to release the buffer once a copy of it has been taken, and
the leaks goes away when calling FATAL to report the inconsistency.
- When checking for XLR_CHECK_CONSISTENCY, better to add a != 0 to get
a boolean out of it.
- guc_malloc() should be done as late as possible, this simplifies the
code and prevents any memory leaks which is what your patch is doing
when there is an error. (I have finally put my finger on what was
itching me here).
- In btree_mask, the lookup of BTP_DELETED can be deadly simplified.
- I wondered also about putting assign_wal_consistency and
check_wal_consistency in a separate file, say xlogparams.c, concluding
that the current code does nothing bad either even if it adds rmgr.h
in the list of headers in guc.c.
- Some comment blocks are longer than 72~80 characters.
- Typos!

With the patch for BRIN applied, I am able to get installcheck-world
working with wal_consistency = all and a standby doing the consistency
checks behind. Adding wal_consistency = all in, the
recovery tests are passing. This patch is switched as "Ready for
Committer". Thanks for completing this effort begun 3 years ago!

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