psycopg and the GPL

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Subject: psycopg and the GPL
Date: 2011-04-05 09:09:50
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I have a question about "psycopg and the GPL" License.

Is it correct in the following interpretations?

> As a special exception, specific permission is granted for the GPLed code in
> this distribition to be linked to OpenSSL and PostgreSQL libpq without invoking
> GPL clause 2(b).

If I distribute psycopg and to be linked PostgreSQL libpq,
I may distribute libpq under terms of my choice?

> Note that the GPL was chosen to avoid proprietary adapters based on psycopg
> code. Using psycopg in a proprietary product (even bundling psycopg with the
> proprietary product) is fine as long as:
> 1. psycopg is called from Python only using only the provided API
> (i.e., no linking with C code and no C modules based on it); and
> 2. all the other points of the GPL are respected (you offer a copy
> of psycopg's source code, and so on.)

"all the other points of the GPL" means "excepting GPL clause 2(b)"?

As long as respect 1. and 2. , i may distribute X(X is linked psycopg)
under terms of my choice?

Best regards,


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