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Re: Parsing Data, Table to Form

From: "Yasmine Kedoo" <yazkedoo(at)hotmail(dot)com>
To: pgsql-php(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: Parsing Data, Table to Form
Date: 2004-05-09 23:18:24
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Lists: pgsql-php
Hi again.

I have carried out a search, then displayed the results in a table on a php 
page called admininfo.php:

$row = pg_fetch_object($result, 0);

$test = "";

	   for ($rw = 0; $rw < $maxrows; $rw++)
		echo " <tr> ";

		for ($fld = 0; $fld < $maxfields ; $fld++)

    	                echo "<td width=\"418\" class=\"tabletext\" 
		echo pg_Result($result,$rw,$fld);
		$test .= pg_Result($result,$rw,$fld);
		echo "</td>";

		echo "<form method=post action=updaad.php>\n";

		echo "<td width=\"194\" class=\"tabletext\" height=\"38\"> </td> </tr>";


Now, i would like to parse the information displayed in the table to 
textfields on the page updaad.php, i've used a link to do this:

<a href="updaad.php">Update</a>

On the page updaad.php, i have displyed the textfields using the following 

echo "Admin ID Number: <input type=text name=\"formadid\" value=\"$fld\"><br 
echo "Name: <input type=text name=\"formname\" value=\"$fld\"><br />\n";
echo "Surname: <input type=text name=\"formsurname\" value=\"$fld\"><br 
echo "Phone: <input type=text name=\"formphone\" value=\"$fld\"><br />\n";
echo "Email: <input type=text name=\"formemail\" value=\"$fld\"><br />\n";
echo "Username: <input type=text name=\"formusername\" value=\"$fld\"><br 
echo "Password: <input type=text name=\"formpassword\" value=\"$fld\"><br 
echo "Building: <input type=text name=\"formbuilding\" value=\"$fld\"><br 
echo "Postcode: <input type=text name=\"formpsotcode\" value=\"$fld\"><br 
echo "<input type=submit value=Update></form>\n";

but i am unable to write the information displayed in the table in 
admininfo.php, to the textfields in updaad.php.

Has anybody got any suggestions? :-)



>From: brew(at)theMode(dot)com
>To: Yasmine Kedoo <yazkedoo(at)hotmail(dot)com>
>Subject: Re: [PHP] Parsing Data, Table to Form
>Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 11:36:14 -0400 (EDT)
> > i want to be able to display the table information in editable form
> > fields, so that the data may be altered and the database updated.
>If by table information, you mean the information contained in the table,
>then what I do is get one row's data and load it into variables.  I use
>the variables as the default text in the form (check the html standard).
>After the user makes any edits he updates the entire row.
>This only works with text boxes, with radio buttons and on/off buttons you
>have to generate different html depending on the existing button state.
>It's not complicated, just tedious to code if it has lots of buttons.  If
>it's only text it's easier.  I think I started with an example someone
>posted on, maybe you can search for that and use it for reference,
>too.  I think it has a subroutine to generate the buttons preselected by
>the existing state of the database.
>My script is long, involving switches to display the possible rows to be
>edited for a user on the first pass, then displaying the info for the row
>selected in an editable form, then updating (or inserting the row if it
>doesn't exist) and going back to displaying all the possible rows for that
>user. I have to study it for a while myself, remembering how it works
>before I make any changes to it!  Hopefully somebody else has a more basic
>If by table information you mean the definition of a table in the
>database, then that would be diferent, although still involving somewhat
>the same type of script, just working on different database information.
>All my table definitions are static in my database, so I've never done it
>from a script, though.
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