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To: Japin Li <japinli(at)hotmail(dot)com>
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Subject: Re: Transaction timeout
Date: 2024-01-30 06:22:51
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> On 26 Jan 2024, at 19:58, Japin Li <japinli(at)hotmail(dot)com> wrote:
> Thanks for updating the patch. Here are some comments for v24.
> + <para>
> + Terminate any session that spans longer than the specified amount of
> + time in transaction. The limit applies both to explicit transactions
> + (started with <command>BEGIN</command>) and to implicitly started
> + transaction corresponding to single statement. But this limit is not
> + applied to prepared transactions.
> + If this value is specified without units, it is taken as milliseconds.
> + A value of zero (the default) disables the timeout.
> + </para>
> The sentence "But this limit is not applied to prepared transactions" is redundant,
> since we have a paragraph to describe this later.
> +
> + <para>
> + If <varname>transaction_timeout</varname> is shorter than
> + <varname>idle_in_transaction_session_timeout</varname> or <varname>statement_timeout</varname>
> + <varname>transaction_timeout</varname> will invalidate longer timeout.
> + </para>
> +
> Since we are already try to disable the timeouts, should we try to disable
> them even if they are equal.

Well, we disable timeouts on equality. Fixed docs.

> +
> + <para>
> + Prepared transactions are not subject for this timeout.
> + </para>
> Maybe wrap this with <note> is a good idea.

>> I’ve inspected CI fails and they were caused by two different problems:
>> 1. It’s unsafe for isaoltion tester to await transaction_timeout within a query. Usually it gets
>> FATAL: terminating connection due to transaction timeout
>> But if VM is a bit slow it can get occasional
>> PQconsumeInput failed: server closed the connection unexpectedly
>> So, currently all tests use “passive waiting”, in a session that will not timeout.
>> 2. In some cases pg_sleep(0.1) were sleeping up to 200 ms. That was making s7 and s8 fail, because they rely on this margin.
> I'm curious why this happened.
I think pg_sleep() cannot provide guarantees on when next query will be executed. In our case we need that isolation tester see that sleep is over and continue in other session...

>> I’ve separated these tests into different test timeouts-long and increased margin to 300ms. Now tests run horrible 2431 ms. Moreover I’m afraid that on buildfarm we can have much randomly-slower machines so this test might be excluded.
>> This test checks COMMIT AND CHAIN and flow of small queries (Nik’s case).
>> Also I’ve verified that every "enable_timeout_after(TRANSACTION_TIMEOUT)” and “disable_timeout(TRANSACTION_TIMEOUT)” is necessary and found that case of aborting "idle in transaction (aborted)” is not covered by tests. I’m not sure we need a test for this.
> I see there is a test about idle_in_transaction_timeout and transaction_timeout.
> Both of them only check the session, but don't check the reason, so we cannot
> distinguish the reason they are terminated. Right?
>> Japin, Junwang, what do you think?
> However, checking the reason on the timeout session may cause regression test
> failed (as you point in 1), I don't strongly insist on it.

Indeed, if we check a reason of FATAL timeouts - we get flaky tests.

Best regards, Andrey Borodin.

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