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Subject: Re: Parallel Seq Scan
Date: 2015-08-02 02:36:24
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Let me ask three more detailed questions.

Why Funnel has a valid qual of the subplan?
The 2nd argument of make_funnel() is qualifier of the subplan
(PartialSeqScan) then it is initialized at ExecInitFunnel,
but never executed on the run-time. Why does Funnel node has
useless qualifier expression here (even though it is harmless)?

Why Funnel delivered from Scan? Even though it constructs
a compatible target-list with underlying partial-scan node,
it does not require the node is also delivered from Scan.
For example, Sort or Append don't change the target-list
definition from its input, also don't have its own qualifier.
It seems to me the definition below is more suitable...
typedef struct Funnel
Plan plan;
int num_workers;
} Funnel;

Does ExecFunnel() need to have a special code path to handle
EvalPlanQual()? Probably, it just calls underlying node in the
local context. ExecScan() of PartialSeqScan will check its
qualifier towards estate->es_epqTuple[].

NEC Business Creation Division / PG-Strom Project
KaiGai Kohei <kaigai(at)ak(dot)jp(dot)nec(dot)com>

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> > On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 7:32 PM, Kouhei Kaigai <kaigai(at)ak(dot)jp(dot)nec(dot)com> wrote:
> > >
> > > Hi Amit,
> > >
> > > Could you tell me the code intention around ExecInitFunnel()?
> > >
> > > ExecInitFunnel() calls InitFunnel() that opens the relation to be
> > > scanned by the underlying PartialSeqScan and setup ss_ScanTupleSlot
> > > of its scanstate.
> >
> > The main need is for relation descriptor which is then required to set
> > the scan tuple's slot. Basically it is required for tuples flowing from
> > worker which will use the scan tuple slot of FunnelState.
> >
> > > According to the comment of InitFunnel(), it open the relation and
> > > takes appropriate lock on it. However, an equivalent initialization
> > > is also done on InitPartialScanRelation().
> > >
> > > Why does it acquire the relation lock twice?
> > >
> >
> > I think locking twice is not required, it is just that I have used the API
> > ExecOpenScanRelation() which is used during other node's initialisation
> > due to which it lock's twice. I think in general it should be harmless.
> >
> Thanks, I could get reason of the implementation.
> It looks to me this design is not problematic even if Funnel gets capability
> to have multiple sub-plans thus is not associated with a particular relation
> as long as target-list and projection-info are appropriately initialized.
> Best regards,
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