Re: [GENERAL] C++ port of Postgres

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Subject: Re: [GENERAL] C++ port of Postgres
Date: 2016-08-17 18:14:40
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On 17/08/16 23:40, Aleksander Alekseev wrote:
>> I'm sure this wasn't your intent, but the tone of your response is
>> part of why people don't get involved with Postgres development...
>> Please note that you're the only person in the entire thread that's
>> said anything to the effect of a holy war...
>> OTOH, if the community takes the stance of "WTF WHY DO WE NEED
>> THIS?!", we've just driven Joy and anyone else that's a C++ fan away.
> I'm sorry for being maybe to emotional. It's was not (and never is!) my
> intent to offend anyone. Also I would like to note that I don't speak
> for community, I speak for myself.
> What I saw was: "hey, lets rewrite PostgreSQL in C++ without any good
> reason except (see [1] list)". Naturally I though (and still think) that
> you people are just trolls. Or maybe "everything should be written in
> C++ because it's the only right language and anyone who thinks
> otherwise is wrong" type of fanatics. Thus I don't think you are here to
> help.
> Give a concrete reason. Like "hey, we rewrote this part of code in C++
> and look, its much more readable, twice as fast as code in C (how to do
> benchmarks right is a separate good topic!) and it still compiles fast
> even on Raspberry Pi, works on all platforms you are supporting, etc".
> Or "hey, we solved xid wraparound problem once and for all, but solution
> is in C++, so its for you to decide whether to merge it or not".
> If you really want to help, just solve _real_ problems using instruments
> you prefer instead of reposting obviously holly war topic from general@
> mailing list.
> [1]
My main language is Java, and there are a lot of very good reasons for
rewriting Postgres in Java, but I'd never push that - as there are also
many good reasons for NOT rewriting Postgres in Java!

I am not an expert in C++, but I'm interested in its development and
growing usage. I've read enough about C++ to think it worthwhile to
consider rewriting Postgres in C++. If I had time, I would get deeper
into C++, but for now pressures push me towards getting deeper into
JavaScript - despite having an intense dislike for JavaScript!

The first 2 languages I used commercially were FORTRAN & COBOL back in
the 70's, and I've been paid to teacht C to experienced programmers.

As far as I am concerned, there is no one language that is perfect. I
have written programs i over 20 different languages.

So I did not suggest C++, because I'm a C++ Fanatic!!!


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