[sqlsmith] Failed assertion in create_gather_path

From: Andreas Seltenreich <seltenreich(at)gmx(dot)de>
To: pgsql-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: [sqlsmith] Failed assertion in create_gather_path
Date: 2018-04-07 18:08:57
Message-ID: 87po3a3n46.fsf@ansel.ydns.eu
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sqlsmith found a query that triggers the following assertion in master
as of 039eb6e92f:

TRAP: FailedAssertion("!(subpath->parallel_safe)", File: "pathnode.c", Line: 1813)

Backtrace and recipe against the regression database below.


#0 __GI_raise (sig=sig(at)entry=6) at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c:51
#1 0x00007f25474cf42a in __GI_abort () at abort.c:89
#2 0x0000556c14b75bb3 in ExceptionalCondition (conditionName=conditionName(at)entry=0x556c14d16d68 "!(subpath->parallel_safe)",
errorType=errorType(at)entry=0x556c14bc4dbd "FailedAssertion", fileName=fileName(at)entry=0x556c14d16d43 "pathnode.c",
lineNumber=lineNumber(at)entry=1813) at assert.c:54
#3 0x0000556c149ca01d in create_gather_path (root=root(at)entry=0x556c16bfb7a0, rel=rel(at)entry=0x7f253e36f418, subpath=0x7f253e37d9d8,
target=0x7f253e36f650, required_outer=required_outer(at)entry=0x0, rows=rows(at)entry=0x0) at pathnode.c:1813
#4 0x0000556c1498a3d7 in generate_gather_paths (root=root(at)entry=0x556c16bfb7a0, rel=rel(at)entry=0x7f253e36f418,
override_rows=override_rows(at)entry=false) at allpaths.c:2564
#5 0x0000556c1498a7b0 in set_rel_pathlist (root=root(at)entry=0x556c16bfb7a0, rel=0x7f253e36f418, rti=rti(at)entry=2, rte=0x556c16bfb420)
at allpaths.c:497
#6 0x0000556c1498b09d in set_base_rel_pathlists (root=<optimized out>) at allpaths.c:310
#7 make_one_rel (root=root(at)entry=0x556c16bfb7a0, joinlist=joinlist(at)entry=0x7f253e374450) at allpaths.c:180
#8 0x0000556c149abfac in query_planner (root=root(at)entry=0x556c16bfb7a0, tlist=tlist(at)entry=0x7f253e3eb4a0,
qp_callback=qp_callback(at)entry=0x556c149acb90 <standard_qp_callback>, qp_extra=qp_extra(at)entry=0x7ffe8088a200) at planmain.c:259
#9 0x0000556c149b0be5 in grouping_planner (root=root(at)entry=0x556c16bfb7a0, inheritance_update=inheritance_update(at)entry=false,
tuple_fraction=<optimized out>, tuple_fraction(at)entry=0) at planner.c:1914
#10 0x0000556c149b31a1 in subquery_planner (glob=glob(at)entry=0x556c16c234d0, parse=parse(at)entry=0x556c16bfaeb8,
parent_root=parent_root(at)entry=0x0, hasRecursion=hasRecursion(at)entry=false, tuple_fraction=tuple_fraction(at)entry=0)
at planner.c:984
#11 0x0000556c149b4356 in standard_planner (parse=0x556c16bfaeb8, cursorOptions=256, boundParams=<optimized out>) at planner.c:405
#12 0x0000556c14a680dd in pg_plan_query (querytree=0x556c16bfaeb8, cursorOptions=256, boundParams=0x0) at postgres.c:808
#13 0x0000556c14a681be in pg_plan_queries (querytrees=<optimized out>, cursorOptions=cursorOptions(at)entry=256,
boundParams=boundParams(at)entry=0x0) at postgres.c:874
#14 0x0000556c14a686a9 in exec_simple_query (
query_string=0x556c16b2b438 "...") at postgres.c:1049
#15 0x0000556c14a6a341 in PostgresMain (argc=<optimized out>, argv=argv(at)entry=0x556c16b56ad8, dbname=<optimized out>,
username=<optimized out>) at postgres.c:4149
#16 0x0000556c1474eac4 in BackendRun (port=0x556c16b4c030) at postmaster.c:4409
#17 BackendStartup (port=0x556c16b4c030) at postmaster.c:4081
#18 ServerLoop () at postmaster.c:1754
#19 0x0000556c149ec017 in PostmasterMain (argc=3, argv=0x556c16b257d0) at postmaster.c:1362
#20 0x0000556c1475006d in main (argc=3, argv=0x556c16b257d0) at main.c:228

set min_parallel_table_scan_size to 0;
66 as c0,
ref_1.cid as c1,
cast((select timetzcol from public.brintest limit 1 offset 3)
as timetz)) over (partition by ref_1.name order by ref_1.name) as c2,
ref_0.c as c3
public.prt1_l as ref_0
right join public.my_property_normal as ref_1
on (ref_0.a <= ref_0.a)
where EXISTS (
ref_2.y as c0,
ref_2.y as c1,
sample_0.random as c2,
ref_1.tel as c3,
ref_0.a as c4,
sample_0.random as c5,
ref_2.y as c6,
ref_2.x as c7,
case when (true <> (select pg_catalog.bool_and(n) from testxmlschema.test2)
and (sample_0.seqno = (select int_four from public.test_type_diff2_c3 limit 1 offset 1)
) then ref_2.y else ref_2.y end
as c8,
sample_0.seqno as c9,
ref_1.name as c10,
ref_0.a as c11,
(select nslots from public.hub limit 1 offset 2)
as c12,
ref_1.name as c13
public.hash_name_heap as sample_0 tablesample system (8.2)
left join public.tt6 as ref_2
on ((((cast(null as tinterval) <= (select f1 from public.tinterval_tbl limit 1 offset 79)
and (ref_2.y is not NULL))
or (((false)
and ((cast(null as tsquery) > (select keyword from public.test_tsquery limit 1 offset 34)
or ((((select pg_catalog.jsonb_agg(sl_name) from public.shoelace_obsolete)
<@ cast(null as jsonb))
or (EXISTS (
100 as c0,
ref_0.a as c1,
sample_0.seqno as c2,
ref_0.a as c3,
sample_0.seqno as c4,
ref_0.a as c5,
(select a from public.prt3_n limit 1 offset 30)
as c6,
ref_2.y as c7,
ref_1.cid as c8,
ref_2.y as c9
public.num_exp_mul as sample_1 tablesample system (7.1)
where true
limit 89)))
and (cast(null as _aclitem) @> cast(null as aclitem)))))
and ((select timecol from public.brintest limit 1 offset 96)
> cast(null as "time"))))
and (cast(null as timestamptz) < cast(null as "timestamp")))
where ((EXISTS (
sample_2.int_four as c0,
sample_0.seqno as c1,
43 as c2
public.test_type_diff2_c1 as sample_2 tablesample bernoulli (2.3)
where (sample_0.random ~~ ref_1.name)
and (ref_2.y <> ref_2.y)
limit 98))
and (sample_0.random is NULL))
and (cast(null as point) <@ (select b from public.quad_box_tbl limit 1 offset 5)
limit 61);


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