Re: [PERFORM] scalability issues on win32

From: "Merlin Moncure" <merlin(dot)moncure(at)rcsonline(dot)com>
To: "Andrew Dunstan" <andrew(at)dunslane(dot)net>
Cc: "Win 32 hackers PGSQL" <pgsql-hackers-win32(at)postgresql(dot)org>,"Claudio Natoli" <claudio(dot)natoli(at)memetrics(dot)com>
Subject: Re: [PERFORM] scalability issues on win32
Date: 2004-12-03 15:42:10
Message-ID: 6EE64EF3AB31D5448D0007DD34EEB3412A7557@Herge.rcsinc.local
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Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Claudio Natoli wrote:
> >Hi Merlin,
> >
> >
> >
> >>On a probably unrelated note:
> >>Can some other win32 hacker try the following?
> >>Download the latest cvs sources from the server and edit configure,
> >>replacing all instances of '8.0beta5' with '8.0' etc. as is
> >>will be when released. Following that do a full make/make clean.
> >>that try and start he server with pg_ctl.exe and tell me if it
> or
> >>
> >>
> >not.
> >
> >I can confirm this failure.
> >
> >(in my case at least) pg_ctl is not seeing the full version string of
> >postmaster in find_other_exec. This is due to the single call to
> in
> >pipe_read_line, which is not returning the entire version string
> all
> >characters beyond the last decimal point in the version string). A
> >subsequent call to ReadFile picks up the remainder of the string. I
> >see that we can rely on a single call returning the entire version
> string.
> >
> >
> How is it that this has not bitten us elsewhere? Are we only reading
> tiny things from pipes in other cases so that a single read works? It
> seems very strange that a shorter version string should cause the

Bizarre, isn't it? popen on win32 (macro'd to _popen) is in the MS
libraries, not the mingw libraries. I checked the msdn documentation
for popen and there is nothing that suggests you have to loop to read a
single line.

Maybe it is a weird manifestation of a line termination issue. The
version string has a line terminator as part of the string.


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