Re: Buildfarm client version 4.15 released

From: Andrew Dunstan <andrew(at)dunslane(dot)net>
To: PostgreSQL-development <pgsql-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org>, PGBuildFarm <pgbuildfarm-members(at)pgfoundry(dot)org>
Subject: Re: Buildfarm client version 4.15 released
Date: 2015-04-18 15:01:08
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Unfortunately, this release contained a bug that only affects MSVC
builds, which would silently fail on HEAD.

There is a bug fix release available at
<> or
you can just pick up the fixed version of (the only thing
changed) at

Sorry for the inconvenience.



On 04/17/2015 10:33 AM, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> I have just released version 4.15 of the PostgreSQL Buildfarm Client
> <>.
> It can be downloaded at
> <>
> Here's what's changed:
> * support the new location for pg_upgrade
> * support running tests of client programs
> * support building, installing and running testmodules
> * use a default ccache directory
> * improve logging when running pg_upgrade tests
> * handle odd location of Python3 regression tests
> * add timestamp to default log_line_prefix
> * make qw() errors in the config file fatal (helps detect errors)
> * minor bug fixes for web script settings.
> * allow for using linked git directories in non-master branches
> The last item might need a little explanation. Essentially this can
> reduce quite dramatically the amount of space required if you are
> building on more than one branch. Instead of keeping, say, 6 checked
> out repos for the current six tested branches, we keep one and link
> all the others to it. This works almost exactly the way
> git-new-workdir does (I stole the logic from there). This doesn't work
> in a couple of situations: if you are using Windows or if you are
> using git-reference. In these cases the new setting is simply ignored.
> To enable this new setting in an existing installation, do the
> following after installing the new release:
> * in your config file, add this setting:
> git_use_workdirs => 1,
> * remove the pgsql directory in each branch directory other than HEAD
> Another good thing to do in existing installations would be to add
> "%m" to the beginning of the log_line_prefix setting in extra_config
> stanza.
> Enjoy!
> cheers
> andrew

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