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From: Anindya Jyoti Roy <anindyar(at)iitk(dot)ac(dot)in>
To: pgsql-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: GSoC
Date: 2010-03-30 06:31:20
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As Jeff Davis pointed out, I followed the modification he suggested and
now I want to have a basic matching only. I think atleast the
fingerprint processing can be done in summer (if not the image
processing). Is it a good GSoC project now?

Waiting for a reply eagerly
Thanks and regards,

Anindya Jyoti Roy
CSE Btech
IIT Kanpur

On 30-Mar-10 6:33 AM, Jeff Davis wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-03-30 at 01:33 +0530, Anindya Jyoti Roy wrote:
>> I have some idea of implementing am image database system, which will
>> let you search against the image and fingerprint:
>> The idea crudely is the following:
>> I want to implement a image database system: This will have the
>> following quality:
>> 1> will store image along with the other attributes
>> 2> the database search engine will be able to search for image also
>> 3> it will list the matching images in the order of degree of match.
>> 4> in this matching system I will likely use the system of dividing the
>> image into important parts and match them.
>> 5> The database will also contain fingerprints, that may be the primary
>> key.
>> 6> it will match the finger prints on the basis of the nodes and then
>> making a bitmap of it and using the coordinates with some error it will
>> match them
>> 7> to include some accuracy in case of the angle of picture in case of
>> search of equality we will introduce some logical amount of error.
>> 8> this project can be coded by me as I have some previous experience in
>> this type of project.
>> 9> this will make a definitly good search engine as well as innovative
>> and uncommon.
> If you plan to spend your time refining complex image processing
> algorithms, or learning about image processing as you go, I think the
> project will be impossible to finish in one summer. Not only that, you
> would need to find someone capable of reviewing such code.
> I believe you should focus on a couple simple image processing
> algorithms that you already understand very well. If you written image
> processing code in the past, I believe it could be a good project. The
> way I see it, you would need to:
> 1. Create a user-defined type for the fingerprint.
> 2. Create a user-defined function to transform a raster image into a
> fingerprint.
> 3. Code to index fingerprints using the GiST or GIN API.
> 4. Code to search for fingerprints that match a given fingerprint,
> using the GiST or GIN API and a custom operator.
> After you have the basics completed, you can introduce more
> sophisticated fingerprint representations and comparison algorithms.
> That would probably be an ongoing effort after the GSoC project is
> complete.
> Regards,
> Jeff Davis

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