column level privileges

From: Andrew Dunstan <andrew(at)dunslane(dot)net>
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Subject: column level privileges
Date: 2008-04-21 20:21:53
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(try 2)

Here is an updated patch that applies to HEAD.

I will update the wiki.

(What is the maximum attachment size that -patches will accept?)



I wrote:
> This patch by Golden Lui was his work for the last Google SoC. I was
> his mentor for the project. I have just realised that he didn't send
> his final patch to the list.
> I guess it's too late for the current commit-fest, but it really needs
> to go on a patch queue (my memory on this was jogged by Tom's recent
> mention of $Subject).
> I'm going to see how much bitrot there is and see what changes are
> necessary to get it to apply.

> -------------
> Here is a README for the whole patch.
> According to the SQL92 standard, there are four levels in the
> privilege hierarchy, i.e. database, tablespace, table, and column.
> Most commercial DBMSs support all the levels, but column-level
> privilege is hitherto unaddressed in the PostgreSQL, and this patch
> try to implement it.
> What this patch have done:
> 1. The execution of GRANT/REVOKE for column privileges. Now only
> INSERT/UPDATE/REFERENCES privileges are supported, as SQL92 specified.
> SELECT privilege is now not supported. This part includes:
> 1.1 Add a column named 'attrel' in pg_attribute catalog to store
> column privileges. Now all column privileges are stored, no matter
> whether they could be implied from table-level privilege.
> 1.2 Parser for the new kind of GRANT/REVOKE commands.
> 1.3 Execution of GRANT/REVOKE for column privileges. Corresponding
> column privileges will be added/removed automatically if no column is
> specified, as SQL standard specified.
> 2. Column-level privilege check.
> Now for UPDATE/INSERT/REFERENCES privilege, privilege check will be
> done ONLY on column level. Table-level privilege check was done in the
> function InitPlan. Now in this patch, these three kind of privilege
> are checked during the parse phase.
> 2.1 For UPDATE/INSERT commands. Privilege check is done in the
> function transformUpdateStmt/transformInsertStmt.
> 2.2 For REFERENCES, privilege check is done in the function
> ATAddForeignKeyConstraint. This function will be called whenever a
> foreign key constraint is added, like create table, alter table, etc.
> 2.3 For COPY command, INSERT privilege is check in the function
> DoCopy. SELECT command is checked in DoCopy too.
> 3. While adding a new column to a table using ALTER TABLE command, set
> appropriate privilege for the new column according to privilege
> already granted on the table.
> 4. Allow pg_dump and pg_dumpall to dump in/out column privileges.
> 5. Add a column named objsubid in pg_shdepend catalog to record ACL
> dependencies between column and roles.
> 6. modify the grammar of ECPG to support column level privileges.
> 7. change psql's \z (\dp) command to support listing column privileges
> for tables and views. If \z(\dp) is run with a pattern, column
> privileges are listed after table level privileges.
> 8. Regression test for column-level privileges. I changed both
> privileges.sql and expected/privileges.out, so regression check is now
> all passed.

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