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Re: Working on problem, thanks for driver help

From: "Fred Parkinson" <FredP(at)abag(dot)ca(dot)gov>
To: <pgsql-odbc(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: Re: Working on problem, thanks for driver help
Date: 2008-02-21 23:25:58
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This is a resend, pardon if it went already; I got no copy so I suspect it never went.

Thanks for your reply.

There is no real code involved in the issue.  My main form, fMain, has a subform, fStudent.  When the user picks a student from a drop-down list on fMain, fMain sends the subform fStudent the id of the selected student.  Upon receiving the student id, the subform makes that student record the record displayed for editing by using the code 'Me.RecordsetClone.FindFirst "student_id = " & cstr(id)' followed by (if no error) 'Me.Bookmark = Me.RecordsetClone.Bookmark'

This part works as desired.  I have stepped through the problem and found that this code is not run when the problem occurs, thus is not causing the subform to move unexpectedly to the undesired record.

 If the user then chooses to edit the (tabbed control displayed) student data by using the Windows operating system functions ctrl-c, ctrl-v or ctrl-x, the form unexpectedly jumps to a new record before the ctrl-? function acts, and the action is then applied to the new, unexpected record!

As for when it started happening, that is unclear, but probably not too long ago.  At first the users thought they were making a mistake, that they were in error somehow, and didn't bring it to my attention until yesterday.

Clearly I need to find out if something was changed in the recent past: upgrade to server, or to workstations (tech support has the habit of making changes without telling anyone).  One of the techs thinks that a Win XP Office 2002 - Office 2007 compatibility upgrade was done recently on the workstations, so I will pursue that as well as whatever else I or others can think of.

Thank you for considering my problem.


>>> Andrei Kovalevski <andyk(at)commandprompt(dot)com> 02/21/2008 1:07 AM >>>

It's hard to understand your problem. When did your problem appear? Show 
us your ODBC + PostgreSQL relative code.

Fred Parkinson wrote:
> I tried 8.01.02 to replace my old one, but the problem persists.
> I will keep trying newer versions, but I thought I might post a description of the problem in the meantime in case someone has seen it or has suggestions.
> In my app. I have a subform which has a tab control with student information, and the form source is table tStudents, a postgres table.
> This form is embeded in another form, fMain.
> Odd thing is, if I do a Ctrl-V to paste text into a text box on the tab, the form moves to a new record and pastes the data there instead of to the original record that was displayed!  The form has moved to the new record before the 'before update' event of the text box has fired.
> This happens if I paste into a box on either tab page.  You don't notice it at first because all the rest of the boxes continue to display the data of the original record, until you click on another tab.  Then all the boxes show the new unwanted record, and there the pasted data is.
> Ctrl-X (cut) has the same problem.  Things look good at first, then you notice that you removed data from a different record that the form has moved to!
> It doesn't happen when I copy all the postgres data into a local access table and then use it as the record source instead of the postgres table.  This is what makes me think it may be an odbc driver issue.
> Ctrl-V and Ctrl-X are windows functions (I'm on Win XP Professional, not sure which SP) so concievably Win is part of the problem.  I will set up a box with an earlier version of XP and see what happens.
> This app has been running smoothly for years, and through several updates to the backend postgres database.
> Thanks in advance for any help, if I solve it I will post a solution.
> Fred
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