procedural languages and public schema

From: Francesco Dalla Ca' <f(dot)dallaca(at)cineca(dot)it>
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Subject: procedural languages and public schema
Date: 2005-07-13 12:16:23
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What are the implications between the use of a pl language and the
public schema?

When i use createlang on a database without the public schema (dropped
for safety reason), createlang fail with the sequent error

postgres(at)pc-dba:~> createlang -d prova2 plpgsql --echo
SELECT oid FROM pg_language WHERE lanname = 'plpgsql';
SELECT oid FROM pg_proc WHERE proname = 'plpgsql_call_handler' AND
prorettype = 'pg_catalog.language_handler'::regtype AND pronargs = 0;
SELECT oid FROM pg_proc WHERE proname = 'plpgsql_validator' AND
proargtypes[0] = 'pg_catalog.oid'::regtype AND pronargs = 1;
CREATE FUNCTION "plpgsql_call_handler" () RETURNS language_handler AS
'$libdir/plpgsql' LANGUAGE C;
CREATE FUNCTION "plpgsql_validator" (oid) RETURNS void AS
'$libdir/plpgsql' LANGUAGE C;
CREATE TRUSTED LANGUAGE "plpgsql" HANDLER "plpgsql_call_handler"
VALIDATOR "plpgsql_validator";
createlang: language installation failed: ERROR: no schema has been
selected to create in

If i recreate the public schema (as default) the createlang perform
without error.

The client 'createlang' attempt to create 2 functions on the public schema:

these function have got respectively null acl list, from pg_proc:

prova2=# select pg_proc.oid, proname, nspname, proacl from pg_proc,
pg_namespace where pg_namespace.nspname='public' and
oid | proname | nspname | proacl
571455 | plpgsql_call_handler | public |
571456 | plpgsql_validator | public |
(2 rows)


Can i create languages functions on a different schema?
This schema must be accessible for all db user? With which privileges
(only usage)?
What's the mean of the proacl column for these functions relatively to
TRUSTED|UNTRUSTED create language clause?


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