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From: Reini Urban <rurban(at)x-ray(dot)at>
To: bammon(at)comcast(dot)net
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Subject: Re: Cygwin-posgresql setup questions
Date: 2004-11-26 08:19:44
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bammon(at)comcast(dot)net schrieb:
> To pgsql-cygwin(at)postgresql(dot)org,
> Concerning items from the file /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/postgresql-7.4.5.README,
> On my Windows XP version of a current release of Cygwin,
> 1. I have completed the one-time cyserver-config run per cygserver.README so I can skip item 1 of
> the file /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/postgresql-7.4.5.README (NT instructions).
> 2. I have read the cygserver.README as suggested and added the following to my system:
> set CYGWIN=server
> in my cygwin.bat file.
> I notice a cygserver.exe and a cygrunsrv.exe when I look at the "Processes" tab in the Windows Task Manager
> (ctrl-alt-del) under Windows XP. This is present on my system regardless of whether I have clicked on the
> Cywin icon. I also see them both (minus the .exe, when I do a "ps -a" in a cygwin session window.). I have
> successfully stopped them from a cygwin session by:
> cygrunsrv -E cygserver
> I am not sure what the definition of "started" is because the instructions advise doing what is suggested in cygserver.README and then in step 7 it has cygserver being "started" but I think it is already "started."

You can test cygserver by running "ipcs".
BTW: currently my own cygserver is broken, so I'm in a bit of trouble
testing the new betas.

> 3. I want to separate my database datafile media source from my database install media source, ie.
> I want to have the normal unix-like directories (/usr, etc.) on one drive while keeping the
> data on another drive, in my case my G: drive and use the designation
> /cygdrive/g/
> This way I can do a backup that only targets the data drive, when I can always re-install the binary files,
> etc. when necessary ( I only have to worry about my changes to Cygwin.bat and postgres user setup, etc.
> ...I am thinking).
> So in #5 from the /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/postgresql-7.4.5.README, I will have,
> #mkdir -p /cygdrive/g/var/postgresql/data
> and use this pathname in #6 and #8 as well.
> Please tell me of any concerns in the event I have to re-install the postgresql binaries or upgrade to
> a newer version of postgresql. Will my database on the /cygdrive/g sync up ok with the binaries
> (what kind of tracking does initdb as far as pathnames?).

paths are ok. just a NFS mount might cause problems.

The db is version specific. so you will not be able run to run an
upgraded postgresql with yopur old data. you need to dump it and import
it into the new postgresql installation.

> 4. Among the list of cygwin packages that are required to build/execute Cygwin PosgreSQL are:
> Sun JDK 1.4.1 and Ant 1.5

you can safely ignore that.
it's just for building the docs, but I don't have it neither and it
builds nevertheless. peter is doing the docs updates for all of us.

> I can get these onto my system, but my system is low on disk space and right now I have .NET C# loaded
> on it and I can't get Java and C# on it at the same time.
> The other thing is, I don't see the JDK or Ant coming into play in the installation process of Cygwin Postgresql.
> If I get these items loaded onto the system, where/how will they be invoked?
> I have the gcc-java and the cygwin ant package installed.
> 5. What is "template1" in #11?

template1 is the name of the default database.
your personal database is normally the value of your $USER ("bammon"),
but you'll have to create that first. man createdb

Reini Urban

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