Cygwin-posgresql setup questions

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Subject: Cygwin-posgresql setup questions
Date: 2004-11-26 01:08:24
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To pgsql-cygwin(at)postgresql(dot)org,

Concerning items from the file /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/postgresql-7.4.5.README,

On my Windows XP version of a current release of Cygwin,

1. I have completed the one-time cyserver-config run per cygserver.README so I can skip item 1 of
the file /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/postgresql-7.4.5.README (NT instructions).

2. I have read the cygserver.README as suggested and added the following to my system:
set CYGWIN=server
in my cygwin.bat file.

I notice a cygserver.exe and a cygrunsrv.exe when I look at the "Processes" tab in the Windows Task Manager
(ctrl-alt-del) under Windows XP. This is present on my system regardless of whether I have clicked on the
Cywin icon. I also see them both (minus the .exe, when I do a "ps -a" in a cygwin session window.). I have
successfully stopped them from a cygwin session by:
cygrunsrv -E cygserver
I am not sure what the definition of "started" is because the instructions advise doing what is suggested in cygserver.README and then in step 7 it has cygserver being "started" but I think it is already "started."

3. I want to separate my database datafile media source from my database install media source, ie.
I want to have the normal unix-like directories (/usr, etc.) on one drive while keeping the
data on another drive, in my case my G: drive and use the designation

This way I can do a backup that only targets the data drive, when I can always re-install the binary files,
etc. when necessary ( I only have to worry about my changes to Cygwin.bat and postgres user setup, etc.
...I am thinking).

So in #5 from the /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/postgresql-7.4.5.README, I will have,

#mkdir -p /cygdrive/g/var/postgresql/data

and use this pathname in #6 and #8 as well.

Please tell me of any concerns in the event I have to re-install the postgresql binaries or upgrade to
a newer version of postgresql. Will my database on the /cygdrive/g sync up ok with the binaries
(what kind of tracking does initdb as far as pathnames?).

4. Among the list of cygwin packages that are required to build/execute Cygwin PosgreSQL are:

Sun JDK 1.4.1 and Ant 1.5

I can get these onto my system, but my system is low on disk space and right now I have .NET C# loaded
on it and I can't get Java and C# on it at the same time.

The other thing is, I don't see the JDK or Ant coming into play in the installation process of Cygwin Postgresql.
If I get these items loaded onto the system, where/how will they be invoked?

I have the gcc-java and the cygwin ant package installed.

5. What is "template1" in #11?

Brian Ammon


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