Re: First draft of the PG 15 release notes

From: Alvaro Herrera <alvherre(at)alvh(dot)no-ip(dot)org>
To: Bruce Momjian <bruce(at)momjian(dot)us>
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Subject: Re: First draft of the PG 15 release notes
Date: 2022-05-11 14:12:23
Message-ID: 202205111412.n7xgu3eppins@alvherre.pgsql
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I think this item is pointless:

Remove unused function parameter in get_qual_from_partbound() (Hou Zhijie)

it's just a C-level code, and we don't document such API changes. If we
were to document them all, it'd be a very very long document.

Improve the algorithm used to compute random() (Fabien Coelho)

This will cause setseed() followed by random() to return a different
value than on older servers.
Maybe it's clearer as "This will cause random() sequences to differ from
what was emitted by prior versions for the same seed values." If I
don't know anything about the random() API, I understand this as saying
that setseed() returns a value, and we only changed that value when
random() is called afterwards.

Fix ALTER TRIGGER RENAME on partitioned tables to rename partitions
(Arne Roland, Álvaro Herrera)

Also prohibit cloned triggers from being renamed.

"... to rename the corresponding triggers on partitions.

Also prohibit such triggers on partitions from being renamed."
(It's not the *partitions* that are renamed but the triggers,

Add server variable recursive_worktable_factor to allow the user to
specify the expected recursive query worktable size (Simon Riggs)

Do we need to explain in the relnotes that this is relevant to planning
of WITH RECURSIVE queries?

Generate periodic log message during slow server starts (Nitin Jadhav,
Robert Haas, Álvaro Herrera)
Please credit only Nitin and Robert, not me. I only edited the docs.

Allow members of the pg_checkpointer predefined role to run the
CHECKPOINT command (Jeff Davis)

The 11-era entry said that we *added* new roles for the tasks, and I
think we should do likewise here:
Add predefined role pg_checkpointer that enables to run CHECKPOINT
Otherwise it sounds like pg_checkpointer already existed and we gave it
this new responsibility.

Create unlogged sequences and allow them to be skipped in logical
replication (Peter Eisentraut)
This is not specific to logical replication, actually; it's a generic
new feature of sequences. So I don't think it belongs in the logical
replication section. But it's not clear to me where to put it.

Add SQL MERGE command to adjust one table to match another (Pavan
Deolasee, Álvaro Herrera, Amit Langote, Simon Riggs)
I'm not sure this accurately describes the purpose of the command.
Maybe "Add SQL MERGE command that allows to run INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE
subcommands based on another table or the output of a query."
Also, it doesn't belong in the Utilities section. Maybe it should be in
the SELECT,INSERT section, and rename the section to something like
"SQL Queries", and put the whole JSON subsection inside that section
(rather than inside the Functions section).
I think Simon should appear as first author here.

Add new protocol message TARGET to specify a new COPY method to be for
base backups (Robert Haas)
I think this one should be in some other section, maybe "Streaming
Replication and Recovery".

Add server variable archive_library to specify the library to be called
for archiving (Nathan Bossart)
Maybe "Allow site-specific WAL archiving, which may no longer use shell
commands." or something to that effect? The reference to a library is
a bit obscure.

Álvaro Herrera Breisgau, Deutschland —
"In fact, the basic problem with Perl 5's subroutines is that they're not
crufty enough, so the cruft leaks out into user-defined code instead, by
the Conservation of Cruft Principle." (Larry Wall, Apocalypse 6)

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