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Subject: Re: support for MERGE
Date: 2022-02-27 17:24:57
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I attach v12 of MERGE. Significant effort went into splitting
ExecUpdate and ExecDelete into parts that can be reused from the MERGE
routines in a way that doesn't involve jumping out in the middle of
TM_Result processing to merge-specific EvalPlanQual handling. So in
terms of code flow, this is much cleaner. It does mean that MERGE now
has to call three routines instead of just one, but that doesn't seem a
big deal.

So now the main ExecUpdate first has to call ExecUpdatePrologue, then
ExecUpdateAct, and complete with ExecUpdateEpilogue. In the middle of
all this, it does its own thing to deal with foreign tables, and result
processing for regular tables including EvalPlanQual. ExecUpdate has
been split similarly.

So MERGE now does these three things, and then its own result

Now, naively patching in that way results in absurd argument lists for
these routines, so I introduced a new ModifyTableContext struct to carry
the context for each operation. I think this is good, but perhaps it
could stand some more improvement in terms of what goes in there and
what doesn't. It took me a while to find an arrangement that really
worked. (Initially I had resultRelInfo and the tuple slot and some
flags for DELETE, but it turned out to be better to keep them out.)

Regarding code arrangement: I decided that exporting all those
ModifyTable internal functions was a bad idea, so I made it all static
again. I think the MERGE routines are merely additional ModifyTable
methods; trying to make it a separate executor node doesn't seem like
it'd be an improvement. For now, I just made nodeModifyTable.c #include
execMerge.c, though I'm not sure if moving all the code into
nodeModifyTable.c would be a good idea, or whether we should create
separate files for each of those methods. Generally speaking I'm not
enthusiastic about creating an exported API of these methods. If we
think nodeModifyTable.c is too large, maybe we can split it in smaller
files and smash them together with #include "foo.c". (If we do expose
it in some .h then the ModifyTableContext would have to be exported as
well, which doesn't sound too exciting.)

Sadly, because I've been spending a lot of time preparing for an
international move, I didn't have time to produce a split patch that
would first restructure nodeModifyTable.c making this more reviewable,
but I'll do that as soon as I'm able. There is also a bit of a bug in a
corner case of an UPDATE that involves a cross-partition tuple migration
with another concurrent update. I was unable to figure out how to fix
that, so I commented out the affected line from merge-update.spec.
Again, I'll get that fixed as soon as the dust has settled here.

There are some review points that are still unaddressed, such as
Andres' question of what happens in case of a concurrent INSERT.


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