Re: Improving connection scalability: GetSnapshotData()

From: Andres Freund <andres(at)anarazel(dot)de>
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Cc: Peter Geoghegan <pg(at)bowt(dot)ie>, Alexander Korotkov <a(dot)korotkov(at)postgrespro(dot)ru>, Alvaro Herrera <alvherre(at)2ndquadrant(dot)com>, Jonathan Katz <jkatz(at)postgresql(dot)org>, Bruce Momjian <bruce(at)momjian(dot)us>, Thomas Munro <thomas(dot)munro(at)gmail(dot)com>, David Rowley <dgrowleyml(at)gmail(dot)com>
Subject: Re: Improving connection scalability: GetSnapshotData()
Date: 2020-04-08 12:43:18
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On 2020-04-07 05:15:03 -0700, Andres Freund wrote:
> SEE BELOW: What, and what not, to do for v13.
> [ description of changes ]
> I think this is pretty close to being committable.
> But: This patch came in very late for v13, and it took me much longer to
> polish it up than I had hoped (partially distraction due to various bugs
> I found (in particular snapshot_too_old), partially covid19, partially
> "hell if I know"). The patchset touches core parts of the system. While
> both Thomas and David have done some review, they haven't for the latest
> version (mea culpa).
> In many other instances I would say that the above suggests slipping to
> v14, given the timing.
> The main reason I am considering pushing is that I think this patcheset
> addresses one of the most common critiques of postgres, as well as very
> common, hard to fix, real-world production issues. GetSnapshotData() has
> been a major bottleneck for about as long as I have been using postgres,
> and this addresses that to a significant degree.
> A second reason I am considering it is that, in my opinion, the changes
> are not all that complicated and not even that large. At least not for a
> change to a problem that we've long tried to improve.
> Obviously we all have a tendency to think our own work is important, and
> that we deserve a bit more leeway than others. So take the above with a
> grain of salt.

I tried hard, but came up short. It's 5 AM, and I am still finding
comments that aren't quite right. For a while I thought I'd be pushing a
few hours ... And even if it were ready now: This is too large a patch
to push this tired (but damn, I'd love to).

Unfortunately adressing Robert's comments made me realize I didn't like
some of my own naming. In particular I started to dislike
InvisibleToEveryone, and some of the procarray.c variables around
"visible". After trying about half a dozen schemes I think I found
something that makes some sense, although I am still not perfectly

I think the attached set of patches address most of Robert's review
comments, minus a few cases minor quibbles where I thought he was wrong
(fundamentally wrong of course). There are no *Copy fields in PGPROC
anymore, there's a lot more comments above PROC_HDR (not duplicated
elsewhere). I've reduced the interspersed changes to GetSnapshotData()
so those can be done separately.

There's also somewhat meaningful commit messages now. But
snapshot scalability: Move in-progress xids to ProcGlobal->xids[].
needs to be expanded to mention the changed locking requirements.

Realistically it still 2-3 hours of proof-reading.

This makes me sad :(

Attachment Content-Type Size
v9-0001-snapshot-scalability-Don-t-compute-global-horizon.patch text/x-diff 136.1 KB
v9-0002-snapshot-scalability-Move-PGXACT-xmin-back-to-PGP.patch text/x-diff 19.4 KB
v9-0003-snapshot-scalability-Move-in-progress-xids-to-Pro.patch text/x-diff 48.1 KB
v9-0004-snapshot-scalability-Move-PGXACT-vacuumFlags-to-P.patch text/x-diff 18.9 KB
v9-0005-snapshot-scalability-Move-subxact-info-to-ProcGlo.patch text/x-diff 26.2 KB
v9-0006-snapshot-scalability-cache-snapshots-using-a-xact.patch text/x-diff 11.1 KB

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